DiAnne Davis, Miss Tuskegee University 2003-04


Miss Tuskegee Snapshot

Name: DiAnne Davis

Age: 20

Major: Biology

Classification: Junior

Hometown: Oklahoma City, Okla.

Name(s) and age(s) of your sibling(s), if any? Simone Davis, Don Davis, Eric Davis, and Sherrian Roberts

Name(s) and relationship(s) to any members of your family who attended Tuskegee, if any? No family members that attended Tuskegee University

How do you plan to use your degree from Tuskegee University? Specifically, how has Tuskegee equipped you to attain this goal? Upon receiving my Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology, I plan to attend Medical School and receive a M.D. in either anesthesiology or radiology. Here at Tuskegee in my biology and chemistry classes I have gained useful knowledge and skills that will be applicable to me in my future medical endeavors.

Who or what most influenced your decision to run for Miss Tuskegee? Miss Priscilla Eileen Madison was the one person that influenced me in my decision to run for Miss Tuskegee. She was my campus tour guide before I was even a student at Tuskegee and has been a role model in my eyes ever since.

In your own words, what is "The Tuskegee Experience"? I believe the Tuskegee Experience is what you make it. Continuing to lift the veil of ignorance as Booker T. Washington did long ago is an ever growing part of the Tuskegee Experience and by uniting students and the community, we shall press forward to that ultimate goal.

March is Women’s History Month. Name one of the Women of Tuskegee you most admire. What are you able to glean from her life experiences to help you in your life? One woman of Tuskegee that I most admire is Miss Virginia Adams, who was the first (female) graduate of Tuskegee State Normal School. I admire her because she has set the tone for others to follow and made it possible to for us to today to keep experiencing the rich heritage of Tuskegee University.

In your mind, what is Tuskegee University’s most significant contribution to the world? Tuskegee’s most significant contribution to the world is the Tuskegee students. Tuskegee has produced many of the finest doctors, lawyer, engineers and so forth that have made their own significant contributions to the world. We are the world and by us coming through Tuskegee University, we have made the world a better place.

Given the opportunity, what is the one thing you would change about Tuskegee University? How? Why? I would not change anything about the Tuskegee Experience because its rich heritage has given me a very strong foundation to build my life upon. I would just try to keep on enriching this heritage and spreading the Tuskegee love that has been shown to me.

Of the many components of your platform, what factor distinguishes you from the other candidates? How will this benefit the University? The factor that distinguishes me the most from the other candidates is my ever-joyful energy and enthusiasm that keeps pushing me to be the outstanding leader that I am today.

In 2004, we will elect the 75th Miss Tuskegee. As a candidate, how do you feel to be a part of this lineage of leaders? What will you do to add to this legacy? Being apart of this ongoing heritage of Tuskegee has been one of my most memorable experiences. I feel honored that I have the opportunity to partake in this joyful experience. I plan to add to this legacy a better "Tuskegee" by continued change and further progress not only academically but through the community as well.