Jamela J. Shaw, First Attendant to Miss Tuskegee 2003-04

First Attendant Snapshot

Name: Jamela J. Shaw

Age: 20

Major: Sales and Marketing

Classification: Junior

Hometown: Memphis, TN


Name(s) and age(s) of your sibling(s), if any? Greg Shaw, Jr, 24, Velrastine Shaw, 17, and Brandon Shaw,13

Name(s) and relationship(s) to any members of your family who attended Tuskegee, if any? Greg Shaw, Jr., brother, ‘00

How do you plan to use your degree from Tuskegee University? Specifically, how has Tuskegee equipped you to attain this goal? Directly following my graduation from Tuskegee Universiy in May 2004, I plan to return home and expand upon my mother’s piano and voice lesson studio.

Who or what most influenced your decision to run for Miss Tuskegee? The students of Tuskegee with their influential encouragement and kind words.

In your own words, what is "The Tuskegee Experience"? The Tuskegee Experience is exactly what my campaign is based upon, Tuskegee: "There’s No Place Like Home." Throughout your years here you gain a better understanding of yourself.

March is Women’s History Month. Name one of the Women of Tuskegee you most admire. What are you able to glean from her life experiences to help you in your life Alice Coachman Davis. She broke barriers as an African American Woman that no one would have thought to be attainable.

In your mind, what is Tuskegee University’s most significant contribution to the world? The Tuskegee University "Golden Voices" Concert Choir. We set the standard with our expression through powerful and soulful music that inspired all African-American Colleges and Universities and the General public around the world.

Given the opportunity, what is the one thing you would change about Tuskegee University? How? Why? I would increase the interaction between the upperclassmen and underclassmen, because it seems as though it only takes place through organizations. I would increase interaction through the Tuskegee University Family and Friends Day Picnic.

Of the many components of your platform, what factor distinguishes you from the other candidates? How will this benefit the University? My fellow peers recognize and acknowledge my genuine and kind hearted spirit. This will allow students to feel more comfortable sharing their thoughts and ideas with Miss Tuskegee University.

In 2004, we will elect the 75th Miss Tuskegee. As a candidate, how do you feel to be a part of this lineage of leaders? What will you do to add to this legacy? I feel that it is an honor and a great privilege to participate in such a prestigious event. I will bring about great change but at the same time continue and prayerfully exceed what my past queens have contributed to this campus and historic city.