Jessica Ransom, Second Attendant to Miss Tuskegee 2003-04 

Second Attendant Snapshot

Name: Jessica Evelynn Ransom

Age: 20

Major: Electrical Engineering/Mathematics

Classification: Junior

Hometown: Atlanta, GA

Name(s) and age(s) of your sibling(s), if any? I have a very intelligent and energetic, 11-year old brother, Isaiah Goree.

Name(s) and relationship(s) to any members of your family who attended Tuskegee, if any? Tasha Shorter, Cousin, ‘95

How do you plan to use your degree from Tuskegee University? Specifically, how has Tuskegee equipped you to attain this goal? When I am privileged enough to be an alumni of Tuskegee University I plan to use my degree in electrical engineering and mathematics through the United States Air Force. Tuskegee University has an outstanding engineering, mathematics, and Air Force ROTC program, developing outstanding leaders for the future. I feel when the time comes for me to be commissioned Tuskegee has prepared me mentally and physically.

Who or what most influenced your decision to run for Miss Tuskegee? Miss Tuskegee is an ambassador for Tuskegee University. The first person I met on Tuskegee’s campus was Miss Makeecha Reed, Miss Tuskegee University 2000-01. She was walking in the opposite direction I was headed and directed me to the Freshman Orientation Program. At the time I didn’t know she was Miss Tuskegee. When the program began, she stepped up to the microphone and spoke so profoundly and was well poised. This is when I realized Miss Tuskegee is a personification of the University in the student’s and extended public’s eyes. She is also the voice for this University. In that moment, I thought to myself, "That can be me."

In your own words, what is "The Tuskegee Experience"? I believe that "The Tuskegee Experience" is what you make of it! I have made my Tuskegee Experience one of the best experiences of my life. Being a three-year veteran of the Marching Crimson Piper Band, serving as the Assistant to the Captain of the Piperettes, third-year cadet with the rank of 2nd LT in the AFROTC, and a second-year veteran of Tuskegee’s Golden Essence (dance team), I currently hold the title of Miss Kappa Kappa Psi 2002-03. I am a member of Tau Beta Sigma National Honorary Band Sorority. I was the 2002-03 1st Attendant to Miss Omega PSI Phi, as well as the 2001-02 1st Attendant to Miss Sophomore. I coordinated the opening number for the 2002-03 Miss TU Pageant. Most important, I am recognized as an outstanding honor roll student. Furthermore, I am more than a Tuskegee student, I am a member of the community. I have participated in AFROTC community service activities. I am a dance mentor and advisor, participated in Veteran’s Day events at the Veteran’s Administration Hospital and tutor students in mathematics.

March is Women’s History Month. Name one of the Women of Tuskegee you most admire. What are you able to glean from her life experiences to help you in your life? I am influenced by and most admire the first Miss Tuskegee, Mrs. Dorothy Gray. I read an article on Mrs. Gray on the University’s Web site. She is everything I want to be if elected Miss Tuskegee University. She is an ongoing ambassador of Tuskegee University because she is continuing her legacy by preserving history and going to greater heights of educating poor African-American children throughout the nation.

In your mind, what is Tuskegee University’s most significant contribution to the world? One of Tuskegee University’s most significant contributions to the world is the Tuskegee Airmen. The Tuskegee Airmen began at Tuskegee in 1941. Their Unit, 332nd Fighter group, is credited for not losing a single bomber in enemy fire in over 200 combat missions. This record, to this day, is unmatched by any other fighter group. Their outstanding performance in combat persuaded (President Harry S. Truman to sign an executive order leading to) the desegregation of the United States Military.

Given the opportunity, what is the one thing you would change about Tuskegee University? How? Why? I feel that becoming Miss Tuskegee would be my opportunity and I would change Tuskegee University with my platform, "Making Tuskegee Your Home Sweet Home." With this, I would increase the safety on this campus, increase the beauty of the campus and encourage businesses to expand in our community. This is my self-motivated goal as a Tuskegee student, win or lose, because this is my home. We should feel safe at home, respect our home by keeping it clean, and should be in the convenience of our home.

Of the many components of your platform, what factor distinguishes you from the other candidates? How will this benefit the University? My platform has three major components and each component requires the students-the Tuskegee family-to have a voice. If elected Miss Tuskegee University, implementing my platform will benefit the University by involving the entire Tuskegee family and continuing the legacy of two platforms of the past: "Unity is Power," and "Catch the ‘Skegee Spirit."

In 2004, we will elect the 75th Miss Tuskegee. As a candidate, how do you feel to be a part of this lineage of leaders? What will you do to add to this legacy? Being elected the 75th Miss Tuskegee is an enormous responsibility. It would be an honor to uphold the title of Miss Tuskegee University and I am confident that I would represent our family well. As Miss Tuskegee, I would continue the legacy of being a spokesperson, patron and friend. With that said, I encourage each and every one of you to vote Jessica Ransom Miss Tuskegee University 2003-04.