International Students' Association


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A blend of all nations is the result when international students come together. They each bring a dynamic perspective on the cultural differences that exist globally, to the campus of Tuskegee University. It is with this theme in mind the International Students Association (I.S.A) has chosen its motto "One Love."  With blessings from the international community, we say to all Alafia, Au revoir, Adios and Good bye. 

This is a site designed to act as a source of information to our members and other students. It contains information about our organization, its functions, and activities. Also, it offers resources like important contact numbers for visitors, directions, and other vital information that an international student will find useful upon arrival at the University for their first time, and as we continue our studies.

The International Students' Association (I.S.A) is one of the many diverse campus organizations which actively contributes to the social, political and academic spheres on the campus of Tuskegee University.


Mrs. Elizabeth Essamuah-Quansah, Associate VP for Enrollment Management

Dr. Joe Jimmeh, Professor Political Science