ISA Constitution


PREAMBLE We the International Students of Tuskegee University, seeking to provide an effective association that will regulate International Student affairs, advance their welfare, promote international understanding, and create harmonious relations and realizing that such an organization is necessary in building a greater international relationship, do ordain and establish this constitution. BYLAWS ARTICLE I – Name and Purpose Section 1 – Name The name of this organization shall be The International Student Association of Tuskegee University. Section 2 – Purpose The purpose of the association shall be:

  1. To serve as a central agency for conveying the problems and concerns of International students through the advisor to the Administrators of the University.
  2. To provide for a closer relationship between students from different continents and countries.
  3. To promote understanding and cultural exchange between International and American students. 

ARTICLE II – Membership, Officers and Advisor Section 1 – Membership The membership of the organization shall consist of all duly registered International students of Tuskegee University. A duly registered student is any person enrolled at Tuskegee University for a course yielding academic credit or in a special program with duration not less than one semester.

  1. American students may become members.
  2. Students will not be considered members until dues are paid. 

Section 2 – Officers The officers of the Association shall be President, Vice President, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, Treasurer, Parliamentarian and Miss International Student Association (I.S.A.). Section 3 – Advisor The International Student Advisor shall be the official adviser for the International Student Association. ARTICLE III – Election and Terms of Officers Section 1 – General Election

  1. To elect executive members for a tenure of one school year.
  2. The general election shall be held during the campus wide election of each year.
  3. The chairperson of the electoral committee who shall be an independent person shall handle all election proceedings.
  4. All candidates shall reserve the right to have an indoor agent at the time the ballots are counted.
  5. Any report of irregularities should be reported to the chairperson of the electoral committee within thirty-six hours after the announcement of the winners. The chairperson shall then reserve the right to make a ruling within seventy-two hours after the report.
  6. All election results shall be computed on a simple majority. There shall be no run-off. 

Section 2 – Electoral Committee

  1. The president of the I.S.A shall announce the electoral committee.
  2. The chairperson shall be a faculty member or any member of the Tuskegee family who is not an International student.
  3. The membership of the committee shall consist of the presidents of the Caribbean Student Association, the African Student Association, the Indian Cultural Association and the Bahamian Student Association. The International Student Association president will be an ex-officio member.
  4. In the event the president of any of the aforementioned association intends to run for an executive post he/she shall become ineligible to serve on the committee. The chairperson shall the reserve the right to appoint a replacement from that same association, after consultation with the executive committee.
  5. No member of the electoral committee shall participate openly in any campaigning for any candidate. 

Section 3 – Duties of Electoral Committee

  1. To conduct and supervise all elections of the I.S.A. including the selection of Miss International Student and by-election when the need arises.
  2. To scrutinize and certify qualification of candidates in accordance with Article IV, Section 1.
  3. To receive all nominations and make public the names of all candidates within 24 hours of the closing date for nominations. Nomination day shall therefore not fall on a Saturday or Sunday.
  4. To record and investigate any improper conduct by any candidate during campaigning and take appropriate action.
  5. To deal with all complaints of harassment and complaints regarding election and make a ruling on the same within 72 hours of the complaint. 

Section 4 – Nominations

  1. All nominations must be submitted to the office of the chairperson on the day specified as nomination day.
  2. All nominations must be accompanied by at least ten supporting signatures.
  3. A nomination form must be completed. Failure to respond to any item will result in a rejection of the nomination. 

ARTICLE IV – Qualifications and Duties of Officers Section 1 – Qualifications of Officers The qualification of the officers shall be as follows: a.        President

  1. He/she shall have been a registered student at Tuskegee University for a minimum of one (1) academic year immediately preceding his assumption of duties.
  2. He/she shall be in good standing with the University.


  1. The vice president must meet all the qualification of the president.
  2. He/she may be considered in the election of the next president.

Recording Secretary

  1. The recording secretary shall have been a student at Tuskegee University for at least a semester preceding his/her assumption of duties.
  2. He/she must possess the ability to record accurately and rapidly.

Corresponding Secretary

         1. The corresponding secretary shall possess the qualification of the recording secretary.

         2. He/she must be able to follow through on any communication deemed necessary by the body.


         1. The treasurer shall have been a student at Tuskegee for at least one school year.

         2. He/she shall be capable of handling financial operations and keeping an accurate record of the same.


         1. The parliamentarian shall have been a student at Tuskegee University for at least one year.

         2. He/she shall have a knowledge of or potential for becoming familiar with Robert’s Rules of Order.

Miss International Student Association

  1. Miss I.S.A. shall have been a student at Tuskegee University for at least one semester. 


Section 2 – Duties of Officers


  1. The duties of the president shall be:(a)     To preside over all meetings of the association. (b)     To enforce due observance of the constitution and bylaws of the association. (c)     To call special meetings (d)     To appoint all committees not otherwise provided for in the constitution. (e)     To serve as an ex-officio member of all committees. (f)       To sign all checks along with the treasurer and adviser for release of funds. (g)     To serve as the official representative for the association.


  1. The duties of the vice president shall be:(a)     To preside over meetings in the absence of the president. (b)     To assume the responsibilities of the president in his/her absence. (c)     To act as liaison between the association and university administration. (d)     To assume the presidency to fill an unexpired term. (e)     To co-chair the public relations committee.

Recording Secretary 

(a)     The duties of the recording secretary shall be:(b)     To serve as secretary to the association and executive committee. (c)     To record minutes at each regular and call meetings. (d)     To maintain a record of minutes for all meetings. (e)     To assist the treasurer in receiving and recording monies paid to the chapter. (f)       To assist the corresponding secretary when necessary.

Corresponding Secretary 

The duties of the corresponding secretary shall be:(a)     To serve in the absence of the recording secretary. (b)     To be responsible for all communications and keeping a record of the same. (c)     To read correspondence at meetings when required. (d)     To assist the recording secretary as needed.


  1. The duties of the treasurer shall be:(a)     To receive all money for the organization and deposit it in the association’s account. (b)     To secure the signature of the president before withdrawing any amount from the account. (c)     To give a verbal or written report at each meeting showing disbursements and balance of funds on hand. (d)     To deliver to the successor all records of monies and the checkbook.


  1. It shall be the duty of the parliamentarian:(a)     To assist the p, residing officer in the interpretation of the constitution and by-laws of the association according to Robert’s Rule of Order. (b)     To serve as the chairperson of the constitution committee. (c)     To ensure that democratic policies are carried out at all meetings.

Miss International Student Associati, on 

1.      It shall be the duty of Miss I.S.A.(a)     To act as chairperson of the public relations committee. (b)     To act as ambassador for the association. ARTICLE V – Standing Committee and their Functions

Executive Committee

  1. The executive committee shall be composed of the officers and chairpersons of the committees. This committee shall meet prior to the regular bimonthly meetings of the association to plan an agenda and formulate recommendations to facilitate the work of the body. The president shall serve as chairperson of the committee and the recording secretary as recorder. 

Public Relations Committee

  1. The Public Relations committee shall propose plans for a program for the year including a theme and monthly activities to be held in connection with regular meetings. The program should provide, as nearly as possible, for participation by the total membership. Miss I.S.A. shall be chairperson of this committee. 

Finance Committee

  1. The finance committee shall consist of the recording secretary, treasurer and at least three other members appointed by the president. The treasurer will serve as its chairperson. The committee shall make recommendations regarding income and expenditures. It shall draw p a budget for the incoming year and supervise the operation of the same. The finance committee should audit the financial accounts when a new treasurer is elected. 

Constitution Committee

  1. It shall be the duty of the committee to make decisions in case of a dispute on the bylaws of the association and Robert’s Rules of Order Newly, Revised. If this decision fails, the parliamentarian shall have the final word. This committee shall propose and present any necessary revisions to the bylaws. The proposals should be presented at a regular meeting of the association and voted upon at the following meeting. The parliamentarian is the chairperson of the committee. 

ARTICLE VI – Other Committees According to the discretion of the executive committee and the president, temporary committees maybe formulated to facilitate the work of the organization. There may be need for a special activities committee, nominating committee or other pertaining to all committees. At the time of reporting, a written copy of the report should be presented to the recording secretary. ARTICLE VII – Association Council The Council of the International Student Association will be responsible for making those decisions when immediate action is necessary. It will deal with concerns of the association and relate the same to the International Student Advisor. It also serves in connection with executive committee when necessary. The composition of this council wi, ll be the executive committee: two representatives from the major organizations (Caribbean, African, Chinese, Indian, etc.) One (1) being the president and; (2) an elected member by the respective group; and representatives from other countries. The president or the international student advisor may call special meetings of this council. ARTICLE VIII – Meetings Section 1 – Business Meetings

  1. Association meetings shall be held twice per month on a day designated by the body except during vacation or interim periods.
  2. the place of the meeting will be the College Union Ballroom unless otherwise specified. 

Section 2 – Call Meeting Call meeting may be held as necessary by the decision of the president or executive committee and the purpose made clear in a notice to all members. Section 3 – Quorum A quorum for the International Student Association should consist of fifteen percent (15%) of the registered international students at Tuskegee University. ARTICLE X – Dues and Assessments Section 1 – Dues

  1. Organization dues shall be paid by the semester.
  2. The dues for one semester period shall be $3.00 per member, unless otherwise revised.
  3. Dues may be paid in an annual basis. 

Section 2 – Assessments Special assessments shall be set by a majority vote of the association’s members as necessary to cover the cost of designated functions or activities. ARTICLE XI – Observances International Week is an annual observance by international students, which may be held during the second semester of each year. The week will be designated by the association in consideration of other activities held on campus so as not to encounter conflicts with other institutional organizations and activities. ARTICLE XII – Amendment and Revision

  1. Any amendment to the bylaws of the International Student Association must be presented in writing at least one meeting prior to the meeting, which the amendment shall be voted upon.
  2. A majority vote shall be required to amend the bylaws