The Newman Club of Tuskegee


Catholic Campus Ministry Association Standards for Campus Ministers

A college or university is a forum where public debates take place, opinions are shaped, and values are formed. Campus ministry is “Where the commitment to Christ and care for the academic world meet in purposeful activity to serve and realize the kingdom of God.”

Campus ministers have a unique responsibility to enhance the presence and the ministry of the church within higher education, and to influence the future of the church and society with the message of the gospel. The church calls forth talented and gifted people to serve in this challenging ministry.

The Catholic Campus Ministry Association, through the Newman Club of Tuskegee University, offers these standards to delineate a level of competency for campus ministry. The Newman Club provides a means to assess performances in the ministry and to foster a high degree of professional excellence.

2008-2009 Officers:

    President - Raphael A. Malbrue

    Vice President - Shakirra Jones

    Secretary - Nicholas James

    Treasurer - Patrick Barnes

    Campus Advisor - Manuel Jones - Office of Student Services

Meeting Date & Time

The organization meets on the fourth Sunday of each month after the 10:00 a.m. Mass at St. Joseph Catholic Church in Tuskegee, Alabama.

Contact Information

2007 West Montgomery Road

Tuskegee, AL

Phone: 334-727-2710