If you would like to schedule an appointment with a tutor, please click the link below: 

T-CAEIL Tutor Appointment Request Form

Tutorial/Supplemental Instruction Services:

The Tuskegee-Center for Academic Excellence and Innovative Learning (T-CAEIL) offers tutorial/supplemental services for courses: 

  • English Composition (ENGL 101/102)
  • General Chemistry (CHEM 231)
  • General Physics (PHYS 301)
  • Pre-Calculus (MATH 107/108)
  • General Biology (BIOLOGY 111/112)

    Who are the services available to?


    We encourage any student enrolled in the courses above to attend tutorial and supplemental instruction sessions. We highly recommend first-year students and at-risk students (students repeating the courses) to attend the sessions. Especially if they have encountered previous challenges with courses in high school or experienced difficulties with the transition to the academic environment, we stongly encourage you to attend the sessions.


    How much does the service cost to students?


    There is no cost to the student. The services are FREE


    What types of tutorials are offered?

    T-CAEIL currently offers one-on-one and group tutorials (supplemental instruction). Students may schedule appointments or visit peer-tutors upon availability in the Resource Center. T-CAEIL also offers online tutorials as well as tutorials in the Resource Center during the hours of operation.

    What happens in a tutorial session?


    The sessions are led by peer-tutors who have performed successfully in the courses. Each session gives the peer-tutor the opportunity to assist students with strengthening their knowledge and developing better skills within the courses. The peer-tutor applies the necessary concepts and tools as it relates to the coursework.


    During a session, the peer-tutor does not complete any assignments for the student. The peer-tutor will not proofread writing assignments or provide answers to solving problems for quizzes, tests, study materials, etc. The student is responsible for applying the appropriate writing techniques and applying necessary concepts for completing assignments within the coursework.

    Tutors Will:


    Tutors Will Not


    Assist with feedback and tips on how to study for the course and prepare for an exam.

    Complete a student’s homework assignment

    Discuss with student concepts and questions about course content

    Write or edit papers

    Assist the tutee with developing independent learning skills

    Discuss matters not associated with  for tutoring

    Review materials from the class and discuss the issues with course content

    Complete exams or quizzes

    Provide guidance to apply solutions for an answer

    Tutor students outside of the center on behalf of T-CAEIL

    Provide strategies to check and evaluate work

    Provide students with their personal information

    What items should a student bring to tutorials?

    The student is responsible for bringing the following: 

    • Course Syllabus
    • Assignment sheets to assist the peer-tutor with session 
    • Textbook and other supplemental materials
    • Course notes and materials
    • Pens/pencils
    • Calculator, if needed
    • Questions for the Tutor – highlight concepts where additional explanation is needed  

    T-CAEIL is not responsible for providing students with textbooks for tutorial sessions.

    Interested in becoming a Peer-tutor, please contact:
    Sherry King, Director                      
    snking@mytu.tuskegee.edu or tcaeil@mytu.tuskegee.edu