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Shamari Kelly

T-CAEIL Peer Staff:

  • T-CAEIL Peer Staff are students of Tuskegee University who have demonstrated academic excellence through maintaining a 3.0 or above GPA. 

  • They are certified through the National Tutoring Association.

  • They have the ability to relate to and communicate with students in a positive and supportive approach.

  • Tutors are trained professionals who have the ability to extend learning through creative thinking, critical thinking and logical reasoning of those students who frequently utilize tutoring services.

The Peer Staff serve as learning partners and help assist with the understandings of course materials.  They aid in the development of practices and strategies to help with test preparation. They will not proofread or check your paper. They will empower you with the confidence to edit your own paper through an explanation of the writing process and assistance with understanding organization, thesis statements, grammar and sentence structure.  Please visit the center 72 hours prior to your paper due date.




  Shamari Kelly


Biology Pre-Med Major

I tutor math at TCAEIL. My experience at TCAEIL has been great. It’s a great environment to work and learn, and everyone there is willing to help. It is very important for students to be successful in there college experience. Everyone needs help in something, and with that something a tutor should always be there to help. If I can be that one to help, I will be more than happy.


Julianica Tigner

Ph.D. candidate

Material Science and Engineering.

Other degrees include:

  • A.S.:  Associate of Science, Cuthbert, GA

  • B.S.:  Chemistry/Chemical Engineering, Tuskegee University, Tuskegee, AL

  • M.S.:  Mechanical Engineering, Tuskegee University, Tuskegee, AL

I tutor Chemistry 231 and Physics 301. I have had experiences tutoring students in the Graduate For Sure Program for math, chemistry, and some engineering related courses. I have the following degrees: I am also a GEM Fellow, “IGERT Nanomedicine Science and Technology Fellow. " When I tutor students, it is important for me to teach students to understand the overall concept of approaching any problems and skills needed to solve or to determine how to answer the questions. This is done by teaching students how to understand what the problem statement is asking the students to determine. By teaching students to understand the concepts and helping these students to identify the tools in their problem statements, the students will be able approach and solve any problem.


Kendra Edozie

Graduate Student

Occupational Therapy Major

I have served on the T-CAEIL staff for three years now, and currently serve as the lead Physics tutor. I was heavily influenced by my Physics instructor in high school, and wanted to carry the same excitement about physics that I acquired there, to the students at Tuskegee University. I love hearing the success stories from those who I have tutored physics to. My advice for students embarking upon a physics course is to seek out help early if you’re struggling and try your hardest to pass the class the first time. Teachers love seeing and hearing about students who put in the effort to learn the material; even if that means you have to visit their office or T-CAEIL daily. I hope to either work in pediatrics or athletics following graduation.


Nicholas Roberts


Mechanical Engineering Major

I am a tutor in General Chemistry. I am on the Tuskegee University's Annual Honor Roll. Last spring, I took General Chemistry with Dr. Tourné. Her class was a bit challenging, but it was only challenging because she wanted us to LEARN chemistry instead of MEMORIZE it. The tests were not hard; they just tested your ability and knowledge of the concepts, just like a test should.  Looking back I am thankful for those tests. I wanted to tutor Chemistry because it is a difficult course, but I got through it and you can too! If I teach you what I learned and how I learned it then you can teach others what you learned from this course. My tutoring philosophy is:  “Teaching Others to Learn and to Learn to Teach Others.”


Rachael Howard


Chemical Engineering Major

I am the lead English tutor here at T-CAEIL. This is my first year on the T-CAEIL staff and I have enjoyed every minute of it! I love getting the chance to pass my knowledge on to my peers; especially those who are struggling. My tutoring philosophy is that anything can be achieved if the proper effort is put towards achieving it. I believe that a student can do whatever he sets his mind to, regardless of how good he thinks he is at any subject. It is simply a matter of establishing confidence and practicing the craft.