The IA/CD related courses are listed below:

CSCI 150 Introduction to Computer Science

CSCI 210 Programming I

CSCI 230 Data Structures

CSCI 340 Database Management Systems

CSCI 360 Applied Statistics and Statistical Computing

CSCI 370 Computer Networks

CSCI 380 Information Security

CSCI 435 Operating Systems

CSCI 436 Mobile Security

CSCI 445 Theory of Computation

CSCI 451 Senior Seminar

CSCI 452 Senior Seminar

CSCI 481 Ethical Issues in Computing

ISSM 531 Network Security

ISSM 532 Information Security Policies and Risk Analysis

The non-IA/CD related courses which cover IA content are listed below:

Business Courses:

CSCI 345 Business Database Management Systems

CSCI 365 E-Business Systems Development

Computer Science Courses:

CSCI 463 Introduction to Computer Gaming

Other Non-CS/Business Major Courses:

EENG 525 Computer Network Design and Analysis

EENG 527 Internet Security

EENG 493O Fundamentals of Microsystems and Nanotechnology