Tuskegee University's Center for Advanced Materials(T-CAM)

From the Director, Tuskegee Center for Advanced Materials

Tuskegee University's Center for Advanced Materials (T-CAM) is the single largest multi-disciplinary research facility on Tuskegee University's campus which is operated with support from various federal agencies and industries. research activities at T-CAM have been funded by the United States Air Force, Army, navy, National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), National science Foundation (NSF) and industry including 3-M, Boeing, concurrent Technologies, General Motors, Lockheed Martin, and Raytheon Missile Systems. The Center has been contributing to basic and applied research in Materials Science and Engineering and is acclaimed nationally and internationally for over three decades for its enormous success in educating minorities in the science and engineering of advanced materials.  T-CAM possesses state-of-the-art facilities to conduct research in all aspects of advanced materials and structures.  The faculty and students associated with T-CAM are involved in basic applied research on materials related to current and future needs of a variety of defense, recreational, healthcare and commercial areas.

The Ph.D. Program in Materials Science and Engineering (MSE), designed to serve the multi-disciplinary challenges of science and technology, is also spearheaded by the Center.  A broad spectrum of areas connected with materials science and engineering are available for Ph.D. level research.  the program is designed such that students may join upon completion of either the Baccalaureate or the master's degree in Engineering, Physics, Chemistry or Mathematics.  About twenty faculty members from disciplines of Aerospace, Chemical, Electrical and mechanical Engineering, Chemistry, Computer Science, Mathematics and Physics are part of the PhD program.  We invite educators and researchers from universities (National and international), national laboratories and industry to collaborate with the Tuskegee University faculty associated with T-CAM to develop state-of-the-art research and technology inadvanced materials and prepare future faculty, scientists and entrepreneurs.  

The Mission of T-CAM

  • To strive for a fundamental understanding of the nature of advanced materials towards the goal of military, industrial, recreational and healthcare related applications. 
  • To motivate and educate minority students, undergraduate through PhD levels, in the science and engineering of advanced materials.
  • To offer outreach activities for K-12 students, and the community teachers.