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The Board of Trustees carries out much of its work through standing and select committees as outlined in the Charter and By-Laws of Tuskegee University. The Board of Trustees currently eight standing committees, two subcommittees, and three select committees. These committees meet from periodically throughout the year, often in conjunction with meetings of the full board. The Board also establishes other committees and subcommittees as needed.

The committees of the board and its chairs are listed below.

Audit and Enterprise Risk Management
Carla C. Whitlock (Chair)

Barron Witherspoon (Chair)

Educational Policies, Online Education, and Honors
Bernard Anderson (Chair)

Norma Clayton (Chair)

Joseph Grasso (Chair)

Finance Subcommittee on Investments
Joseph Grasso (Chair)

Facilities and Infrastructure
H. Jerome Russell (Chair)

Human Resources and Compensation
Jonathan Porter (Chair)

Nominating and Board Structure
John Page (Chair)

Student and Alumni Affairs
Erick Harris (Chair)