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Criteria for Transfer Students

TRANSFER applicants must submit the following:

A transfer student is a person admitted/applying to Tuskegee University after attending another institution of higher learning. A student who attends summer school immediately after receiving a high school diploma and before enrolling at Tuskegee University will not be considered a transfer student. If the student expects to transfer college credit hours completed during the summer period prior to enrolling in Tuskegee University, a transcript must be submitted to the Registrar by September and the student must also inform his/her advisor that transfer credit is being requested.  Also required are transcripts from various colleges you have attended.

Applications will not be evaluated until the application itself and all required materials are received. A transfer student must indicate on the application for admission all previous colleges or universities attended. A student who has registered in other colleges and/or universities may not disregard his/her record in such institutions and make application for admission to Tuskegee University solely on the basis of the high school record. Any student who does so is subject to suspension from the University and transfer credit will be denied.

A student who transfers to Tuskegee University from other colleges and universities is governed by the following specific requirements and procedures:

  • A transfer student must satisfy the general orientation requirement. If the transfer student transfers at least 30 semester hours, only one semester of orientation is required; otherwise, two semesters of orientation must be taken.
  • A transfer student who has not received transfer credit for Mathematics, English, and Reading, and who does not present satisfactory records on tests specified by the University must take Placement Examinations prescribed before enrolling in any courses.
  • A transfer student must satisfy Physical Education requirements.
  • A transfer student must be eligible to reenter the institution last attended when application for admission to Tuskegee University is submitted.
  • A student desiring to transfer to Tuskegee University must be able to furnish the following:
    • A letter of good standing from the institution last attended.
    • A certificate of high school work covering the Tuskegee University requirements for admission.
    • An official transcript of the work done in all institutions prior to application for admission to Tuskegee. This transcript should reach the Admissions Office of Tuskegee University at least one month before the date the candidate expects to enroll. If possible, a marked catalog showing courses referred to in the transcript presented should be submitted.
    • A cumulative grade point average that meets at least the minimum academic retention level set by Tuskegee University as defined in this document under the section on "Probation, Suspension, and Dismissal".
  • Credit for courses transferred to Tuskegee University is awarded under the normal conditions prevailing in institutions of higher education:
    • The courses accepted and the number of hours completed determine the classification of a transfer student.
    • Transfer credit is given only for courses approved by the Dean of the School in which the student applies for admission. Transfer credit will be awarded on a course-by-course basis. Courses in which students earned "D" grades will not be considered for transfer credit.
    • Credit toward graduation is given only for courses that have been approved for transfer by the dean. The maximum transfer credit allowed to meet degree requirements will not exceed 80 hours.
    • Courses taken on a pass/fail basis will not be considered for transfer.
    • Courses in which credit was not awarded for the degree will not be considered for transfer credit.
  • A student who wishes to apply for financial assistance should request each postsecondary institution attended to forward an official financial aid transcript to the Tuskegee University Office of Financial Aid Services.

Transfer students should review the following resources before applying:

  • Transfer application deadlines
  • Closed programs
  • Transfer credit information
  • Transfer Criteria

Transfer students must have satisfied Tuskegee's high school course expectations and completed minimums of 12 to 24 semester credit hours of college-level coursework (not remedial or developmental) prior to enrollment at Tuskegee. The minimum number of credit hours will vary based on each student's high school and/or college academic credentials. During application evaluation, the Admissions Counselor will determine whether an individual's college coursework is sufficient. For consideration, transfer applicants also must meet specific criteria for individual academic programs.

Transfer applicants who have not completed a bachelor's degree must provide a final high school transcript. If you did not meet high school course expectations while in high school, we will review your college transcript(s) to determine if you have made up any deficiencies. One semester of college-level coursework is equivalent to two semesters of high school. Applicants in their first semester of college may be admitted as transfer students based on their high school academic record, pending successful completion of their first semester of college coursework. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Having only the minimum GPA does not guarantee admission. Each application is reviewed holistically for the program to which the student has applied. Criteria for admission may change without notice.