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Project Overview

Tuskegee University Research Center for Rural Maternal Child and Family Equity will focus CBPR efforts on discovering innovative, vigorous, restorative, and effective research objectives and goals that will reverse the negative trend in maternal mortality among rural African American women in the Black Belt counties of Alabama. These strategies will be used to develop a solution driven strategic plan to barriers identified in listening sessions. 

Current Activities

Current MCH research focuses on general barriers rural Alabama women face. This project will dig deeper by capturing individual stories covering generations to create a narrative of lost connectedness and support as a result of modern medicine restricting the use of midwives and doulas. ​

Project Goals​

The goal is this project is to address the root causes of maternal health inequity through community participation. The following objectives will guide the project: ​

  • Launch through participatory strategies a Maternal Health Equity Research Center which conducts impactful maternal health equity research in collaboration with the Macon, Bullock, and Barbour partner communities.  ​
  • To fully understand and address the root causes of disparities in maternal mortality, severe maternal morbidity, and other maternal health outcomes.​
  • To develop community-based solutions to address these disparities and advance health equity in collaboration with the targeted communities. ​
  • To sustain the research infrastructure and expand the breadth of maternal health disparity topics conducted by the faculty and research staff of Tuskegee University Maternal Health Disparities Research Center.

Future Plans

  • Conduct listening sessions with women living in rural Barbour, Bullock and Macon counties​
  • Develop and socialize a strategic plan to guide the research agenda​
  • Pilot quantitative and qualitative studies to identify barriers and intervention opportunities

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