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Spotlight Events

Tuskegee University National Athletic Association (TUNAA)   

The Tuskegee University National Athletics Association (TUNAA) is undertaking a project to assist the athletic department with purchasing a John Deere XUV 825i, commonly known as a "Gator," and needs financial support from all alumni and friends of Tuskegee University. 

The Gator will be used by the equipment manager in the performance of his duties in multiple sports. Click on the link below for more information.

TNAA Regional Conferences  

  • TNAA Regional Conferences Information: (Will be updated as information becomes available).  
  • Northeast Region - King of Prus, PA (Sept. 11-13, 2015) 
  • Southwestern Region - Dallas, TX (Jul 31 - Aug 2. 2015)   
  • Western Region - Las Vegas, NV (June 25-27, 2015) 
  • North Central Regional Conference - Naperville, IL (Aug 14-16, 2015)
  • Southeastern Regional Conference - Birmingham, AL (July 23-26, 2015) 

Adopt-a-Dorm Program  

Each year the Tuskegee National Alumni Association (TNAA) sponsors the annual Adopt-a-Dorm Program, which usually begins the week after the July 4th Holiday.  This program has helped maintain the infrastructure of many university dormitories. 

Edward Grimm, a 1969 Tuskegee graduate, who usually runs the program, along with alumni volunteers give countless hours to restoring the beauty and functionality to dormitories on their beloved campus.  While working, these volunteers stay in the dorms that they help renovate, and they eat in the cafeteria.

The Adopt-a-Dorm Program has saved the university countless dollars in maintenance costs since the program began in 1990 and the program was officially adopted by TNAA in 1992.

Alumni News

Read about the many Tuskegee Alumni in the News, who have made an impact on society or have donated back to this university. One such person is Amelia Boynton Robinson, who is believed to be oldest living alumna of Tuskegee at this time.  Robinson has donated her personal memorabilia collection to Tuskegee University. Click here to read more about her donation.

The 102-year old voting and civil rights activist is best known for her participation in "Bloody Sunday," where she and other protesters were gassed and beaten as they tried to cross the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, Ala.