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UNCF Pre-Alumni Council

The birth of The United Negro College Fund on April 25, 1944 by Tuskegee University President Dr. Frederick D. Patterson, among other events led to the awakening of alumni to support the need to provide financial and moral support to their alma maters. The National Alumni Council of The College Fund/UNCF emerged to address this concern and to further the legacy of The College Fund/UNCF institutions. For years the National Alumni Council has been doing its part in supporting The College Fund/UNCF and its member institutions.

Twelve years later in 1958, the National Pre-Alumni Council (NPAC) of the National Alumni Council (NAC) was created to stimulate the interest and participation of students in the progress of The College Fund/UNCF, to preserve and to further loyalty and fellowship between the member colleges and universities and assist in raising funds during the annual campaign of The College Fund/UNCF. Since its creation, the NPAC has given more than 3 million dollars to The College Fund/UNCF.

The Role of the Pre-Alumni Council

The Purpose of the NPAC of the NAC of The College Fund/UNCF shall be to stimulate the interest and participation of the students enrolled at The College Fund/UNCF member institutions in the progress of The College Fund/UNCF, to preserve and to further loyalty and fellowship between the member institutions of The College Fund/UNCF their faculties staffs, students, and alumni, as well as work in conjunction with the institutions National Alumni Associations. It is the PAC’s goal to instill in our students the importance of becoming active alumni upon graduation.

The Pre-Alumni Council (PAC) stresses the importance of The United Negro College Fund in educating African Americans throughout the country. This organization educates students to become effective alumni through giving time, talents and finances to support their alma maters and the UNCF. 

Any student currently enrolled in a College Fund Institution can become a member of the local and national Pre – Alumni Council. The PAC, through the leadership of Miss UNCF, raises money each year, and makes a yearly contribution to the United Negro College Fund. 

Pre-Alumni Council Membership

Any student enrolled at any of The College Fund colleges and universities may become a member of the local/national Pre-Alumni Council. If you are interested, click the BEGIN button or the link below to complete. 

Membership Form

Pre-Alumni Council Officers for 2019-20

  • Tyaira Starnes                 Los Angeles, CA                President                      
  • Erin Holland                    Macon, GA                         Vice President
  • India Foster                     Dayton, OH                        Secretary
  • Janell Davis                      Chicago, IL                         Treasurer
  • Ogechi Nwokeocha       Macon, GA                        Fundraising Chair
  • Kayly Tarrance                 Dayton, OH                      Membership Chair
  • Nia Anyike                        Indianapolis, IN              Public Relations Officer
  • Rejoice Spencer               Clinton, MS                     Miss UNCF
  • Isaiah Walker                   Atlanta, GA                       Mr. UNCF
  • Skylar Rugley                   Montgomery, AL             Parliamentarian