Frequently Asked Questions

Q- How do I apply for a job at Tuskegee University?
A- Tuskegee University accepts applications for positions during their open posting period. A listing of available positions is available on our website under "Job Listings" .

Q- Do I have to complete a new application form for each position?
A- Yes, Tuskegee University's process is designed to allow you to apply for specific positions by completing separate applications.

Q- Where can I get a Tuskegee University application form?
A- Tuskegee University's application is available in the Office of Human Resources Management, which is located at 101 Kresge Center. Our application is also available in the Alabama Career Center located at 2300 Fredrick Rd in Opelika. Additionally, you may download an application from our website under "Application" or contact our office at (334) 727-8510.

Q- What is considered a complete application ?
A- A complete application consists of a Tuskegee University job application, a transcript and three letters of reference.

Q- What do Tuskegee University employees receive as benefits ?
A- Benefits offered are Health Insurance, Life Insurance, Long Term Disability Insurance and a Retirement plan. For further details please contact our office at (334) 727-8510.