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Friday, July 26, 2019 - 10:00 a.m. CST
Tuskegee University Chapel
Speaker: Randall Woodfin

Mayor, City of Birmingham, Alabama 


student wearing graduation cap and gownThursday, July 25

Graduation Rehearsal - 10:00 a.m. - Tuskegee University Chapel  (Please arrive at 9:30am) (Rehearsal is mandatory for all graduates participating in Commencement.)

Friday, July 26

Commencement Exercises - 10:00 am - Tuskegee University Chapel (doors open at 7:30 am)



Summer Commencement on Friday, July 26 is a non-ticketed event. 


General seating will be available on a first come, first served basis. The University Chapel will open at 7:30 am for seating and close at 10:00 a.m. for the line of march. Guests will not be allowed to enter the Chapel during the processional. 

Satellite Locations 

There will be no overflow locations.

This page will be updated as information becomes available.

Maps and Travel

Click Here to view our campus map.


Tuskegee University is located in Macon County, Tuskegee, Alabama, about 40 miles east of Montgomery (the state capital), about 20 miles southwest of Auburn, about 135 miles southeast of Birmingham, about 125 miles west of Atlanta, and about 205 miles northeast of Mobile, AL.

From Birmingham, AL, take Interstate 65 South to Montgomery, then transfer to Interstate 85 North.  From Mobile, AL, take Interstate 65 North to Montgomery, then transfer to Interstate 85 North.  From Montgomery, AL, take Interstate 85 North to the Tuskegee/Franklin exit (Exit #32).  Turn RIGHT off the exit onto Pleasant Springs Drive (Co. Rd. 50/30).  Go approximately 2 miles, then turn LEFT onto Franklin Road (Co. Rd. 30).  Go approximately 3 miles to the end of Franklin Rd.  Take a LEFT at the traffic light onto "Old" Montgomery Rd.   You will see the entrance to Tuskegee University on your left.

From Auburn, AL or Atlanta, GA, take Interstate 85 South to the Tuskegee/Notasulga exit (Exit #38).  Turn LEFT off the exit onto Tuskegee Airmen Blvd. (Hwy. 81).  Stay on this highway (approximately 2 miles) through several 90-degree turns and you will end up on North Main Street.  You will see Burger King on your left.  Turn RIGHT at the first traffic light onto "Old" Montgomery Rd.  Go straight through the next traffic light (intersection of "Old" Montgomery Rd. and Fonville St.) and keep going until you get to the east end of the campus.  You'll need to go several blocks further to enter through the main gate at the next traffic light.  The main entrance to Tuskegee University will be on your right.

Commencement Procedures

1. All candidates are required to wear approved academic regalia -- traditional caps and gowns. Persons who are not in compliance with approved academic regalia will not be permitted to participate in the Commencement Exercises. 

2. Academic regalia is most appropriate when worn without jewelry such as bangles, large necklaces, or large earrings.

3. Chewing gum is inappropriate and not permitted.

4. Smoking is prohibited at all times.

5. Black shoes and dark clothing should be worn with the cap and gown by all candidates. In order to avoid accidents, women should not wear "spiked" heels. Because of pro-longed standing, comfortable (black) shoes and attire is recommended.

6. Men should remove their hats during the Invocation, Benediction and the singing of the Tuskegee Song.

7. All candidates will rise, as a group, when presented to the President by their respective deans.

8. When a candidate arrives at the top of the steps of the platform, the individual's name will be called.

9. Candidates will receive the diploma with the left hand and will extend the right hand to the President.

10. After receiving the diploma, candidates must return to their seats and remain until the conclusion of the Commencement Exercises.

11. Only University authorized photographers are permitted to take pictures during the Commencement Exercises.

Photos and DVDs


All graduates who took photos (off stage and on stage with degree) at Commencement can go to  to view and purchase images.

Enter your name and "Tuskegee University." Choose your photos and package(s). If you provided your email address/postal address to the photographer, you will also receive proofs from Grad Images.

You can also call Grad Images at 1-800-261-2576 ext 1950 to order photos or to make other inquiries.


We will not be offiering DVDs of Commencement this year. Instead, the Ceremony will be placed on the University's YouTube Channel for viewing.

Academic Attire

THE CAP - The approved cap of the academic costume is the mortar board or Oxford cap- a stiff board nine inches square, usually covered in cotton poplin, Russell cord, or spun rayon, placed on a soft cap made of the same material and jointed in a pointed design in front and back. The front of the cap is shorter than the back, but the color is always that of the gown and is uniformly black for the four-year colleges. The use of velvet material has been reserved for the cap for the doctor’s degree. A silk cord with a tassel made of many strands of threads is attached to a button in the center of the board. The length of the cord and tassel may vary with the degree of the wearer.

THE GOWN - The basic design for gowns is similar for all degrees; the minor variations in fullness and length of sleeves and trimmings are indicative of degree levels. Cotton poplin fabric is used for the bachelor’s and master’s gown, and ribbed rayon or silk material is reserved for the doctor’s gown.

THE HOOD - No longer worn for warmth, the hood has become the colorful standard bearer of academic symbolism. It varies in length from three feet to three and a half feet, representing the bachelor’s, master’s, and doctor’s degree, respectively. The colors or colors of the lining of the hood is trimmed or edged in a border of velvet either two inches, three inches, or five inches in width for the bachelor’s, master’s and doctor’s degree. The border color represents the faculty or field of study in which the degree was awarded.

Information taken from The Admissions, Academic Records, and Registrar Handbook of Policies and Procedures, C. James Quann and Associates: 1979.

HONORS REGALIA - In recognition of scholarship of high quality, a student may graduate with distinction according to the following cumulative grade point averages:

  • Summa Cum Laude (3.75) - Gold shoulder stole/crimson letters
  • Magna Cum Laude (3.50) - Gold shoulder stole/crimson letters
  • Cum Laude (3.25) Cords - One gold and one crimson

Candidates for honors must qualify one semester prior to commencement. Regalia for honor students will be issued at graduation rehearsal. Students are permitted to keep honors regalia.

All seniors completing graduation requirements may place orders for graduation regalia with the Tuskegee Campus Bookstore. Deadlines to do so will be advertised in March. For more information (regarding regalia and invitations), call 334-727-8844.

Preparing for Graduation, Deadlines and "Musts"

Please CLICK HERE to go to the Registrar's page for Graduation Preparation and Relevant Information and Deadlines.

Graduation Clearance

All persons participating in Commencement Exercises must have fully completed ALL degree requirements. No exceptions!! Graduates are urged to check their TigerWeb Account for Graduation Clearance!! Graduates must clear all financial "holds."

To view the Requirements for Graduation, please see page 21 of the TU Academic Regulations and Procedures