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General Eligibility

To be eligible for campus housing, a student must be accepted at the University and enrolled for a minimum of 12 undergraduate semester hours or 6 graduate hours. Married and part-time students must request special permission to reside on campus.

All students who have completed four (4) semesters with a minimum of 55 hours, have a 2.3 GPA or higher before entering in the fall, or independent students over 24 years of age are eligible.  Students receiving Tuskegee University scholarships and Alabama Incentive Plans are not eligible unless they pay the full room rate.  Family discounts are excluded.


The University requires Freshmen and Sophomore students (those with less than 60 credit hours) and first time transfer students to live on campus.  Students classified as such, will be automatically charged room and board for the entire academic year.  The only exceptions are independent students at least 24 years old, married students and married Macon County residents whose parents have established residency.  Alabama (Macon County) residency is established when a parent or legal guardian has lived in Alabama for at least one year prior to the start of the Fall semester.

Juniors, seniors and graduate students may elect to live in the University Commons Apartments, Marable Apartments, or off-campus.

Contract Info

Housing contracts are issued for one full year and cannot be canceled.  In certain extreme emergencies, students who break housing contracts are subject to a lease cancellation fee of $1,450 plus prorated rental fees for time lived in the unit.


Damages to rental units will be assessed by the Director of Housing for Housing based on the damage rate schedule.