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Alphabetical Listing (Databases)

Alphabetical List of Databases with descriptions

ABI Inform Dateline - This database includes hard-to-find local and regional business publications, including McClatchey Tribune titles, with news about local companies, analysis, information on local markets and more. It also allows users to research employment opportunities, compile data on benefits and compensation, learn about corporate strategies and other topics from a local and regional perspective.

ABI Inform Global - This database is one of the most comprehensive business databases on the market. It includes in-depth coverage for thousands of publications, most of which are available in full text and the latest business and financial information for researchers at all levels.

ABI Inform Trade and Industry - This database includes in-depth coverage of companies, products, executives, trends and other topics. With ABI/INFORM Trade & Industry users can study and compare specific trades and industries, including telecommunications, computing, transportation, construction, petrochemicals and many others.

ABI Inform Complete - Thee most comprehensive ABI/INFORM™ database, this comprises ABI/INFORM Global, ABI/INFORM Trade and Industry, and ABI/INFORM Dateline. The database features thousands of full-text journals, dissertations, working papers, key business and economics periodicals such as the Economist, country-and industry-focused reports, and downloadable data. Its international coverage gives researchers a complete picture of companies and business trends around the world.

Academic Video Online - Academic Video Online is the most comprehensive video subscription that delivers more than 66,000 titles spanning the widest range of subject areas including anthropology, business, counseling, film, health, history, music, and more.

Accredited School Online - is dedicated to student success. Whether K – 8, high school or college and beyond, we create in-depth, expert-driven guidebooks that tackle key academic and finance-related issues. Many of our guides also address important student health and safety concerns, or help student groups with specific educational and career goals find the information and resources they need to succeed.

Accounting and Tax - This is the quintessential accountant's database. It brings together highly ranked global and scholarly journals with key resources for locating quick and precise results covering current news and topics, as well as the trends and history influencing important accounting and tax issues of the day

ACLS Humanities E-Books - an online collection of approximately 3,700 books of high quality in the humanities, accessible through institutional and individual subscription.

ACM Digital Library - Full text of every article ever published by ACM and bibliographic citations from major publishers in computing.

Agriculture Thesaurus - The Thesaurus and Glossary are online vocabulary tools of agricultural terms in English and Spanish and are cooperatively produced by the National Agricultural Library, USDA, and the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture.

Alabama Legislative Information System Online - Provides access to the Alabama legislation, Codes, and Constitution.

Alabama Mosaic - A repository of digital materials on Alabama's history, culture, places, and people. Its purpose is to make unique historical treasures from Alabama's archives, libraries, museums, and other repositories electronically accessible to Alabama residents and to students, researchers, and the general public in other states and countries.

Alabama Virtual Libraries - Provides all students, teachers, and citizens of the State of Alabama with online access to essential library and information resources. It is primarily a group of online databases that have magazine, journal, and newspaper articles for research. Through the AVL, an equitable core of information sources is available to every student and citizen in Alabama, raising the level of excellence in schools and communities across the state.

Almanac-Information Please - A comprehensive reference source that combines the contents of an encyclopedia, a dictionary, an atlas, and several almanacs loaded with statistics, facts, and historical records.

American Chemical Society Journals - Provides the worldwide scientific community with a comprehensive collection of the most-cited, peer-reviewed journals in the chemical and related sciences.

American Veterinary Medical Association - A not-for-profit association representing more than 82,500 veterinarians working in private and corporate practice, government, industry, academia, and uniformed services. The AVMA acts as a collective voice for its membership and for the profession.

Animal Welfare Information Center - The focus of the Center's information products, services, and activities is to help the regulated community with employee training and to promote the humane care and use of animals by providing information on alternatives (improved methods of animal experimentation which could reduce or replace animal use or minimize pain and distress to animals). AWIC also provides support to other USDA agencies such as the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, Animal Care and the Agricultural Research Service.

ArchInform - Includes information over more than 44000 built and unrealized projects from various architects and planners. The architecture of the 20th century is the main theme of this database.

ArticleFirst - OCLC index of articles from the contents pages of journals. Includes items listed on the table of contents pages of journals, describes one article, news story, letter, or other item from a journal in each record, and provides a list of libraries that have the journal title for most items.

Artstor - The Artstor Digital Library is an image database featuring an unparalleled range of images from some of the world's leading museums, photo archives, scholars, and artists in one easily-navigated repository. It is the most comprehensive image resource available for educational and scholarly use, with many rare and important collections available nowhere else.

Asian & European Business Collection - This database focuses on business and financial news from the eastern hemisphere. It covers Asian business and financial information from key international publications.

Atlanta Journal and Constitution - This publication's detailed indexing helps users quickly find the news information they need. Each issue is indexed thoroughly, so they have access to not only top news stories but also the information contained on the various sections of the paper. The indexing covers not only complete bibliographic information but also companies, people, products, etc.

Banking Information Source - This database enables you to search essential banking industry publications for information about the financial services industry, banking and industry trends.

BioCyc - A collection of 2037 Pathway/Genome Databases (PGDBs).  Each PGDB in the BioCyc collection describes the genome and metabolic pathways of a single organism. - and The American Journal of Bioethics (AJOB) have grown to become the most read sources of information about bioethics online and in print, respectively, and collectively are visited millions of times every month by readers from around the world and every walk of life.

Biography and Genealogy Master Index - Locate biographical entries contained in more than 1,000 volumes and editions of important current and retrospective biographical reference sources. This index contains citations that point to over 15 million biographies on nearly 5 million people, living and deceased, from all time periods, geographical locations, and fields of endeavor.

Biology Journals - This database provides access to a wide range of biology topics including some of the most popular information resources for users in academic, government and public research environments.

BioMed Central - The largest open access publisher in the world, publishing over 240 peer reviewed open access journals across the fields of biology, chemistry and medicine.

BioOne Abstracts and Indexes - This database is an indexed and fully-searchable collection of abstracts developed by the American Institute of Biological Sciences (AIBS), SPARC (the Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition), the University of Kansas, the Greater Western Library Alliance and Allen Press. It provides a unique aggregation of nearly 100 high-impact bioscience research journals from around 70 publishers.

Black Past - An online reference center makes available a wealth of materials on African American history in one central location on the Internet. These materials include an online encyclopedia of nearly 3,000 entries, the complete transcript of nearly 300 speeches by African Americans, other people of African ancestry, and those concerned about race, given between 1789 and 2012, over 140 full text primary documents, bibliographies, timelines and six gateway pages with links to digital archive collections, African and African American museums and research centers, genealogical research websites, and more than 200 other website resources on African American and global African history.

Book Collection: Nonfiction - A rich research database for school and public libraries. It contains informative abstracts and searchable full text for more than 4,100 popular nonfiction books. The database includes full text entries on core subject areas, as well as information on careers, health, sports, adventure, technology, life skills and more.

Book Review Digest - An essential library tool that brings together book reviews on a wide range of topics, from a variety of sources. This invaluable resource for literary and biographical research is essential for readers’ advisory and collection development.

Booker T. Washington Papers - A completely free and searchable web site designed to provide researchers worldwide access to the thousands of pages to this 14 volume work.

Boston Globe - This publication's detailed indexing helps users quickly find the news information they need. Each issue is indexed thoroughly, so they have access to not only top news stories but also the information contained on the various sections of the paper.

Britannica E-Books (AVL) - Online biographies, geography, government and history, literature, religion and culture.

Britannica Online Academic Edition - This site includes new content such as World Data Analyst, Gateway to the Classics, and our collection of Notable Quotations as well as new functionality including advanced search capabilities and the Britannica Workspace, a research organizer.

Business Market Research (Snapshots) - This database offers top-line international market research overviews focusing on 40+ industries in more than 40 countries worldwide, including regional summaries. It provides market size, share, forecasts and segments.

Business (Gale OneFile)

Business Insights: Essentials

Business Plans Handbook

CAB Abstracts - The most thorough and extensive source of reference in the applied life sciences, incorporating the leading bibliographic databases CAB Abstracts and Global Health. CAB Direct provides a convenient, single point of access to all of your CABI database subscriptions.

Cabi (Ag-Biotech) - A reliable expert in plant genomics and biotechnology. We are situated in the heart of California's most exuberant growing areas and understand the plant breeder sector of the industry and its grower counterpart.

Canadian Newsstand Complete - This database offers unparalleled access to the full text of over 190 Canadian newspapers from Canada's leading publishers. This full text database includes the complete available electronic backfile for most newspapers, providing full access to the articles, columns, editorials and features published in each. - American Cancer Society is a nationwide, community-based voluntary health organization dedicated to eliminating cancer as a major health problem. Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, the ACS has 12 geographic Divisions, more than 900 local offices nationwide, and a presence in more than 5,100 communities.

Career Library (AVL) - A tool that allows users to explore college and career interests, plan for college or the workforce, and build resumes.  It also contains an activity center that provides interactive quizzes, standardized test questions, a GED sample test, and more.

Career and Technical Education - The definitive source for vocational information. The database includes over 600 titles, with more than 500 available in full text. Both students and instructors can access the database to research virtually any technical topic, including:  Computing science, healthcare, building trades, auto mechanics, sales and retail, accounting, graphic design, photography

CBCA Complete - (CBCA) Complete is the nation's largest and most comprehensive bibliographic full-text reference and current events database.  CBCA Complete combines full text and indexed content from all four CBCA database subsets (Business, Current Events, Education, and Reference). Subject coverage is comprehensive and information is available from the broadest range of Canadian sources anywhere. With over 4.5 million records and more than 1,665 titles, CBCA Complete is ideal for anyone interested in current events, business, science, the arts, and academic information as produced in Canada.

Centers for Disease Control - The nation’s premier public health agency— working to ensure healthy people in a healthy world.

Chem Exper - This database contains chemicals with their physical characteristics. Everybody can submit chemical information and retrieve information with a Web browser.

Chemical Engineering - This database provides a wide range of primarily full-text, international periodicals for Chemical Engineering. 

Chemical Entities of Biological Interest (ChEBI) - A freely available dictionary of molecular entities focused on ‘small’ chemical compounds.

Chemical Structure Look-up Service (CSLS) - CSLS is meant to work as an address book for chemical structures. It has two major modes of operation: The first is when you submit one or more chemical structures in the form of an SD file, as SMILES strings, or in more than 20 other molecular structure formats CSLS understands. The second mode is when you submit a document and the service will try to extract all possible chemical information this document might contain - InChI string, InChIKey, SMILES string, molecular formula, or our NCI/CADD Structure Identifiers (uuuuu, FICuS, or FICTS) - and then conducts a search with these extracted chemical data.

Children’s Literature Database - Online database with over 400,000 reviews, MARC records and related information about children’s literature.

Chronicle of Higher Education - The No. 1 source of news, information, and jobs for college and university faculty members and administrators.  The Chronicle's Web site features the complete contents of the latest issue; daily news and advice columns; thousands of current job listings; an archive of previously published content; vibrant discussion forums; and career-building tools such as online CV management, salary databases, and more.

CINAHL Plus with Full Text - the world's most comprehensive source of full text for nursing & allied health journals, providing full text for more than 770 journals indexed in CINAHL®. This authoritative file contains full text for many of the most used journals in the CINAHL index – with no embargo. CINAHL Plus with Full Text is the definitive research tool for all areas of nursing and allied health literature.

Clase and Periodica - Clase indexes documents published in Latin American journals specializing in the social sciences and humanities. Periodica covers journals specializing in science and technology. - A web-based resource that provides patients, their family members, health care professionals, researchers, and the public with easy access to information on publicly and privately supported clinical studies on a wide range of diseases and conditions.

College Research Paper Resources

College Source - Features college catalogs in complete cover-to-cover, original page format.  Covers two- year, four-year, graduate, and professional schools in the United States and abroad.

Columbia Granger’s World of Poetry - Contains 250,000 poems in full text and 450,000 citations, numbers that will continually expand with each update. The poems in full text are the most widely-read in the English language, as well as in Spanish, French, German, and Italian.

Compendium of Pesticide Common Names - Contains much more than ISO common names, with nomenclature data sheets for more than 1700 different active ingredients and for more than 350 ester and salt derivatives, made accessible by a comprehensive set of indexes and a classification.

Computing - Database design, software development, web commerce, LANs, WANs, intranets and the internet - journal articles

Consultant - A diagnostic support system for Veterinary Medicine. Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine.

Contemporary Authors (Gale Literature)

Consumer Health (Family Health) - Family Health covers an enormous range of subjects of value in the public library context - from sports injuries to women's health, from food and nutrition to midwifery, from eye care to dentistry. It includes important general medical journals such as The Lancet and The New England Journal of Medicine as well as a strong selection of consumer and news magazines.

Credo - is an information skills solutions provider that serves libraries worldwide. We build platforms and instructional materials that enable the flexible configuration of content, technology and services for the purpose of connecting learners, faculty and teachers, librarians and publishers. Credo promotes knowledge building, problem solving and critical thinking to give people the information skills necessary for success throughout their academic, professional and personal lives.

Criminal Justice - A comprehensive database supporting research on crime, its causes and impacts, legal and social implications, as well as litigation and crime trends. As well as U.S. and international scholarly journals, it includes correctional and law enforcement trade publications, crime reports, crime blogs and other material relevant for researchers or those preparing for careers in criminal justice, law enforcement and related fields.

Culinary Arts (Gale OneFile)

Current Events - The top national and global headline news stories are dynamically updated and delivered hourly to cover the breaking news of the day.

Dictionary of Literary Biography (Gale Literature)

Drama for Students

Drug Bank - A unique bioinformatics and cheminformatics resource that combines detailed drug (i.e. chemical, pharmacological and pharmaceutical) data with comprehensive drug target (i.e. sequence, structure, and pathway) information. The database contains 6711 drug entries including 1447 FDA-approved small molecule drugs, 131 FDA-approved biotech (protein/peptide) drugs, 85 nutraceuticals and 5080 experimental drugs.

EBSCOhost Search - The comprehensive databases range from general reference collections to specially designed, subject-specific databases for public, academic, medical, corporate and school libraries.

Education Journals - Gives users access to over 900 top educational publications, including more than 600 of the titles in full text. The coverage spans the literature on primary, secondary and higher education as well as special education, home schooling and adult education. 

Eighteenth Century Collections Online

Elementary (Gale In Context)

Emerald - The world’s leading scholarly publisher of journals and books in business and management with a strong and growing presence in disciplines including LIS, social sciences, engineering, linguistics and audiology.

E Molecules - Free chemical structure search engine. Millions of public domain structures. Very fast substructure searching.

Encyclopedia of Alabama - Free, online resource on Alabama history, culture, geography, and natural environment. This site offers articles on Alabama's famous people, historic events, sports, art, literature, industry, government, plant and animal life, agriculture, recreation, and so much more.

Encyclopedia of Earth - An electronic reference about the Earth, its natural environments, and their interaction with society. The EoE is a free, expert-reviewed collection of content contributed by scholars, professionals, educators, practitioners and other experts who collaborate and review each other's work.

Engineering Information Village - Links to multiple engineering literature databases from a range of trusted sources: Scholarly journals, trade publications, patents, government reports, reference books, conference proceedings and more.

ERIC - This database is sponsored by the U.S. Department of Education to provide extensive access to education-related literature. ERIC provides coverage of journal articles, conferences, meetings, government documents, theses, dissertations, reports, audiovisual media, bibliographies, directories, books and monographs.

Ethic Newswatch - Includes current journals, magazines, and newspapers from ethnic and independent presses. Content covers 1990-present, with specialized coverage of the following ethnic categories: African American/Caribbean/African; Arab/Middle Eastern; Asian/Pacific Islander; European/Eastern European; Hispanic; Jewish; Native People.

Evidence Based Practice for Public Health Resources - Evidence-based practice for public health involves using the best available evidence to make informed public health practice decisions. This website provides free online access to evidence-based public health (EBPH) resources, knowledge domains of public health, and public health journals and databases. The resources are arranged along a pathway of evidence to allow public health practitioners to easily find and use the best evidence to develop and implement effective interventions, programs, and policies.  The Evidence-Based Practice for Public Health (EBPPH) website is an outcome of the Evidence-Based Practice for Public Health Project, based at the Lamar Soutter Library, University of Massachusetts Medical School, Worcester, MA

Fast Stats A to Z - Fast Stats A to Z is a Centers for Disease and Prevention database that provides quick access to statistics on topics of public health importance and is  organized alphabetically. Links are provided to statistical data, to sources of more data, and to related web pages.

Fine Arts (Gale OneFile)

Foundation for Biomedical Research - Mission is to educate the public about the essential role of humane animal research in the quest for medical advancements, treatments and cures for both humans and animals.

Free Medical Journals - Created to promote the free availability of full-text medical journals on the Internet.

Gale Literature (Gale Literature)

Gale Literature: Scribner Writer Series

Gale Literature: Twayne's Author Series

Gale Primary Sources (Primary Sources)

Gale eBooks

Gardening and Horticulture (Gale OneFile)

General OneFile (Gale OneFile)

Gideon: Global Infectious Diseases and Epidemiology Online Network This one-of-a-kind resource covers all infectious diseases in every country. Updated daily, with information on the latest outbreaks, it's ideal for help with diagnosing diseases and identifying organisms. Includes more than 30,000 graphs and images.

Global Health - The Global Health database covers the following aspects of human health and disease:  communicable diseases (including HIV/AIDS); diseases in the tropics (including field and experimental studies); parasitic diseases and parasitology - medical entomology; human nutrition (including food composition, food poisoning, effects of diet on health, nutritional disorders, and experimental aspects); community and public health (including chronic diseases, occupational health, health status indicators, the impact of agriculture on health, and cancer epidemiology); medicinal and poisonous plants (including pharmacology, tissue culture, animal studies, plant composition, allergens, and toxins).

GPO Monthly Catalog - the finding tool for federal publications that includes descriptive records for historical and current publications and provides direct links to those that are available online. The catalog offers you the option to find a nearby Federal Depository Library that has a particular publication or that can provide expert assistance in finding and using related U.S. government information.

Great Buildings-Rome - This gateway to architecture around the world and across history documents a thousand buildings and hundreds of leading architects, selected over ten years by the editors of ArchitectureWeek, with photographic images and architectural drawings, integrated maps and timelines, 3D building models, commentaries, bibliographies, web links, and more, for famous designers and structures of all kinds.

Guide to Clinical Preventive Services, 2014 - The Guide to Clinical Preventive Services includes U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) recommendations on screening, counseling, and preventive medication topics and includes clinical recommendations for each topic. This new pocket guide provides family physicians, internists, pediatricians, nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and other clinicians with an authoritative source for making decisions about preventive services.  Sponsored by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, U. S. Department of Health& Human Services.

Guide to Community Preventive Services - The Community Guide is a website that houses the official collection of all Community Preventive Services Task Force findings and the systematic reviews on which they are based.  The guide is a credible resource with many uses because it is based on a scientific systematic review process and answers questions critical to almost everyone interested in community health and well-being.

Health and Medical Complete - Combines the clinical research titles, with hundreds of additional consumer and health administration titles. ProQuest Health and Medical Complete provides in-depth coverage from over 1,500 publications with almost 1,300 available in full text and of these, over 900 include MEDLINE® indexing. In addition, the database includes all charts, diagrams, graphs, tables, photos, and other graphical elements essential to medical research.

Health Management - Designed to meet the needs of researchers studying the field of health administration. This high-demand healthcare management content provides the most reliable and relevant information on a wide range of topics, including: hospitals, insurance, law, statistics, business management, personnel management, ethics, health economics, public health administration, with over 4,500 Doctoral Dissertations and Theses.

Health and Psychosocial Instruments - Provides access to information on measurement instruments (i.e. questionnaires, interview schedules, checklists, coding schemes, rating scales, etc.) in the fields of medicine, nursing, public health, psychology, social work, communication, sociology, and organizational behavior/ human resources.

High School Edition (Gale OneFile)

Home Improvement (Gale OneFile)

Homeland Security Digital Library - The collections contains 173,299 documents relating to homeland securiyt policy, strategy and organizational strategy; 95,500 of the documents are for public access and 77,700 are for registered users only. Resources originate from a variety of domestic and international research and policy organizations.

Hoover’s Company Profiles - This database contains proprietary information about more than 40,000 public and non-public companies and 225,000 key executives. Hoover's, widely recognized as a leader in company data, delivers in depth industry analyses, information on a company's location, summary financials, top competitors, top officers and more.

Hospitality and Tourism (Gale OneFile)

Human Anatomy Atlas -

IEEE Xplore - Provides full-text access to IEEE transactions, IEEE and IEE journals, magazines, and conference proceedings published since 1988, and all current IEEE standards; brings additional search and access features to IEEE/IEE electronic library users.

Informe Academico (Gale OneFile)

Ingenta - Provides free searching and citations, with abstracts (often free) from scientific and academic journals, reports, and periodicals.  Offers search interface for MEDLINE, UnCover, and online articles found in Ingenta journals.  Most articles are available  in full text to registered users, some via fee-based document delivery service.

International Code of Ethics for Nurses - Guides nurses in everyday choices and it supports their refusal to participate in activities that conflict with caring and healing.

Journal of Visualized Experiments (JoVE) - The first and only peer-reviewed scientific video journal, creates the ultimate solutions for advancing research and science education by making and publishing videos of scientific experiments from the top laboratories around the globe. JoVE creates scientific videos for two unique resources: JoVE Video Journal and JoVE Science Education Library.

JSTOR - Provides access to several collections of backfiles of scholarly publications covering the business and economics, science and mathematics, history, humanities, and the arts.  JSTOR includes full runs of each journals, generally up to 1-7 years from the present.

Legal Trac - Indexing for more than 1,400 titles including major law reviews, legal newspapers, bar association journals and international legal journals. Each title included in LegalTrac® is selected on the basis of criteria provided by a special advisory committee of the American Association of Law Libraries.

LitFinder (Gale Literature)

Literature Criticism (Gale Literature)

Literature Resource Center (Gale Literature)

MathSciNet - An electronic publication offering access to a carefully maintained and easily searchable database of reviews, abstracts and bibliographic information for much of the mathematical sciences literature.

Mayo Clinic - Mayo Clinic is a nonprofit worldwide leader in medical care, research and education for people from all walks of life.

Medline/Pubmed Resources Guide - Contains journal citations and abstracts for biomedical literature from around the world. PubMed® provides free access to MEDLINE and links to full text articles when possible.

MEDLINEplus (U.S. National Library of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health) - MedlinePlus is the National Institutes of Health's Web site for patients and their families and friends. Produced by the National Library of Medicine, it brings you information about diseases, conditions, and wellness issues in language you can understand. MedlinePlus offers reliable, up-to-date health information, anytime, anywhere, for free.  You can use MedlinePlus to learn about the latest treatments, look up information on a drug or supplement, find out the meanings of words, or view medical videos or illustrations. You can also get links to the latest medical research on your topic or find out about clinical trials on a disease or condition.

Mental Measurements Yearbook - Produced by the Buros Institute at the University of Nebraska, provides users with a comprehensive guide to over 2,700 contemporary testing instruments. Designed for an audience ranging from novice test consumers to experienced professionals, the MMY series contains information essential for a complete evaluation of test products within such diverse areas as psychology, education, business, and leadership.

Merck Veterinary Manual - The single most comprehensive electronic reference for animal care information.

Middle School (Gale In Context)

Military Collection - Aeronautics and space flight, defense, homeland security, civil engineering, political science, etc. - journal articles.

MLA Directory of Periodicals - The MLA Directory of Periodicals offers detailed information on over 5,500 journals, with 4,400 currently indexed in the International Bibliography. The detailed entries include editorial contact information, as well as frequency, circulation, subscription prices and submission guidelines.

MLA International Bibliography - offers a detailed bibliography of journal articles, books and dissertations. Produced by the Modern Language Association, the electronic version of the bibliography dates back to the 1920's and contains over 2.3 million citations from more than 4,400 journals & series and 1,000 book publishers. The indexed materials coverage is international and includes almost 60 titles from J-STOR’s language and literature collection as well as links to full text.

National Agricultural Library - NAL Catalog (AGRICOLA) provides citations to agricultural literature.

National Atlas of the United States of America - Maps of innovation and vision that illustrate our changing Nation. Maps that capture and depict the patterns, conditions, and trends of American life. Maps that supplement interesting articles. Maps that tell their own stories. Maps that cover all of the United States or just your area of interest. Maps that are accurate and reliable from more than 20 Federal organizations.

National Center for Biotechnology Information - Advances science and health by providing access to biomedical and genomic information.

National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) - This website provides clear, complete information about NCES' mission and activities, and to serve the research, education and other interested communities. The National Center for Education Statistics (NCES)) is the primary federal entity for collecting and analyzing data related to education in the U.S. and other nations.

Nexis Uni - Nexis Uni (formerly LexisNexis Academic) provides access to more than 17,000 news, business and legal sources from LexisNexis. Nexi Uni has three primary collections: 1) full-text access to thousands of news sources in the U.S. and abroad back to the 1970s; 2) aggregated economic data on businesses, corporations, and industries in the U.S. and abroad; 3) full-text legal documents, including U.S. Federal and State court cases, and law reviews from the late 18th century to present.

New York Times - This is considered the official U.S. newspaper because it publishes the complete text of important documents, speeches and presidential press conferences. The paper's reporters have won scores of Pulitzer Prizes throughout the publication's 150-year history.

Newsstand - This database's detailed indexing helps users quickly find the news information they need. Each issue of each newspaper is indexed thoroughly, so researchers have access to not only top news stories but also the information contained on the various sections of the papers.

Nineteenth Century U.S. Newspapers - 19th Century U.S. Newspapers provides access to primary source newspaper content from the 19th century, featuring full-text content and images from numerous newspapers from a range of urban and rural regions throughout the U.S.

NIST Chemistry WebBook - Provides access to data compiled and distributed by NIST under the Standard Reference Data Program.

Novels for Students

Nursing and Allied Health Collection - All aspects of the Nursing profession -- from direct patient care to health care administration -- are covered in this collection. Including nearly 400 titles, this collection's current and authoritative content will be of use to both professionals already working in the field as well as students pursuing a nursing-focused curriculum.

Nursing and Allied Health Source - Provides users with reliable healthcare information covering nursing, allied health, alternative and complementary medicine, and much more. This versatile database is designed to meet the needs of researchers at healthcare facilities as well as nursing and allied health programs at academic institutions

Nursing Standard - Publishes original research and clinical articles relevant to the practice of nursing.

Opposing Viewpoints (Gale In Context)

Oxford English Dictionary - Widely regarded as the accepted authority on the English language. It is an unsurpassed guide to the meaning, history, and pronunciation of 600,000 words— past and present—from across the English-speaking world.

Oxford Journals Online - Over 230 academic and research journals covering a broad range of subject areas, two-thirds of which are published in collaboration with learned societies and other international organizations.

Oxford Reference - The home of Oxford’s quality reference publishing, bringing together over 2 million entries, many of which are illustrated, into a single cross-searchable resource.

Oxford Scholarship Online - Offers full-text access to academic monographs from key disciplines in the humanities, social sciences, science, medicine, and law, providing quick and easy access to award-winning Oxford University Press scholarship.

OxResearch - This database provides succinct analytical articles covering world and regional economic and political developments of major significance. It evaluates issues and events within a coherent political, social and economic framework, expert geopolitical and macro-economic analysis - profiles, briefs and studies

Partners in Information Access for the Public Health Workforce -  A portal to health information, Partners in Information Access for the Public Health Workforce is a collaboration of U.S. government agencies, public health organizations, and health sciences libraries which provides timely, convenient access to selected public health resources.

Personal Finance

Pharmaceutical News Index - Pharmaceutical News Index® gives researchers access to the latest information on medical technology, research, and legislative developments. The database contains bibliographic information and indexing for 22 key U.S. and international pharmaceutical, healthcare, biotechnology, medical device, and cosmetic industry newsletters.

Plumb’s Veterinary Drugs - Plumb’s Veterinary Drugs provides\ access to up-to-date veterinary drug information on dosing, drug interactions, adverse effects, conversion tables, reference lab ranges, information on blood products, and veterinary medication guides.

Political Science - Gives users access to hundreds of leading political science and international relations journals, providing full-text of many core titles indexed in Worldwide Political Science Abstracts.

Power Search (Other)

Primary Search - Provides full text for more than 70 popular, magazines for elementary school research. All full text articles included in the database are assigned a reading level indicator (Lexiles), and full text information dates as far back as 1990.

Professional Development Collection - Designed for professional educators, this database provides a highly specialized collection of nearly 520 high quality education journals, including more than 350 peer-reviewed titles. This database also contains more than 200 educational reports. Professional Development Collection is the most comprehensive collection of full text education journals in the world.

Project MUSE - A leading provider of digital humanities and social science content for the scholarly community. Since 1995 the MUSE journal collections have supported a wide array of research needs at academic, public, special, and school libraries worldwide.

ProQuest Central  - Is the largest aggregated database of periodical content covering more than 160 subject areas.

ProQuest Central - A free archive of biomedical and life sciences journal literature at the U.S. National Institutes of Health's National Library of Medicine (NIH/NLM). In keeping with NLM’s legislative mandate to collect and preserve the biomedical literature, PMC serves as a digital counterpart to NLM’s extensive print journal collection.

ProQuest Newsstand - This database's detailed indexing helps users quickly find the news information they need. Each issue of each newspaper is indexed thoroughly, so researchers have access to not only top news stories but also the information contained on the various sections of the papers. The indexing covers not only complete bibliographic information but also companies, people, products, etc.

Psychology Journals - This database provides abstracts and indexing for more than 640 titles, with over 540 titles available in full text. Many titles are indexed in PsycINFO. Coverage ranges from behavioral, clinical, cognitive, developmental, experimental, industrial and social psychology, along with personality, psychobiology and psychometrics.

PubMed - Comprises over 22 million citations for biomedical literature from MEDLINE, life science journals, and online books. PubMed citations and abstracts include the fields of biomedicine and health, covering portions of the life sciences, behavioral sciences, chemical sciences, and bioengineering. PubMed also provides access to additional relevant web sites and links to the other NCBI molecular biology resources.

Pub Med Central - is a free full-text archive of biomedical and life sciences journal literature Institutes of Health's National Library of Medicine (NIH/NLM)

Quick Health Data Online - The system is for anyone looking for US health data and is used by the public health community, policymakers, grant writers, researchers, and students.

Rand State Statistics - Rand State Statistics contains nearly 200 Social Science databases covering all 50 U.S. states.  This database covers socioeconomic information on demographics, health care, economics, education, and public finance.

Religion - This database provides a wide range of primarily full-text, international periodicals for diverse religious and spiritual studies, covering formal theological studies of major religions, as well as the most recent trends and scholarly thought. Included are titles from religious publishing bodies and nondenominational organizations. The resource reflects a wide spectrum of religious belief systems and supports the global study of religion.

Research Library -  Is designed to cover the top 150 core academic subject reference areas - and cover them extensively - so not only is it an invaluable database for a number of different academic disciplines, it's also accessible to readers and researchers at every level.  The database includes more than 5,000 titles - over 3,500 in full text - from 1971 forward. It features a highly-respected, diversified mix of scholarly journals, trade publications, magazines, and newspapers.

Sabin Americana: History of the Americas; 1500-1926 - This collection contains works about the Americas published throughout the world from 1500 to the early 1900's. Included are books, pamphlets, serials and other documents that provide original accounts of exploration, trade, colonialism, slavery and abolition, the western movement, Native Americans, military actions and much more.

Sanborn Maps - digital access to more than 660,000 large-scale maps of more than 12,000 American towns and cities. In electronic form, Sanborn Maps take on much improved value over the microfilm versions of the same maps, allowing for greater flexibility of use and improved viewing possibilities.

Scholarships; Fellowships & Loans

Science (Gale OneFile)

ScienceDirect - A leading full-text scientific database offering journal articles and book chapters from more than 2,500 peer-reviewed journals and more than 11,000 books. There are currently more than 11 million articles/chapters, a content base that is growing at a rate of almost 0.5 million additions per year. - A gateway to government science information and research results. Currently in its fifth generation, provides a search of over 55 scientific databases and 200 million pages of science information with just one query, and is a gateway to over 2100 scientific Websites.

Science Journals - This database is a definitive resource for students studying both the applied and general sciences. With coverage dating back to 1986, ProQuest Science Journals features over 1030 titles, with more than 760 available in full text. Search over 2.7M records, dating back to the mid 1980s.

Scribner Writers Online - This collection includes all volumes in the Scribner Writers series, including American Writers, British Writers, European Writers, and the World and Genre Writers Series.

Scopus - Scopus is the world’s largest abstract and citation database of peer-reviewed literature with smart tools that track, analyze and visualize research.

Searchasaurus - An exciting and easy way for young researchers to experience online searching.  It is an animated interface that encourages students to enhance and develop basic search methodologies.

Serials Solutions - Provides a reference tool to determine which full-text electronic journals are available in the AVL databases.

SIRS Discoverer - Selective, interactive tool of full text articles, many with images, from 1,1000 magazines.  Discoverer helps students develop their research, writing, language, and computer skills.

Slavery & Anti-Slavery: A Transnational Archive - This collection is devoted to the scholarly study and understanding of slavery from a multinational perspective. An unprecedented collection developed under the guidance of a board of scholars, it offers never before available research opportunities and endless teaching possibilities.

Social Science Journals - This database offers indexing and full text for hundreds of academic journals, providing extensive coverage across a wide range of social science disciplines including anthropology, criminology, economics, education, political science, psychology, social work and sociology.

Social Works Abstracts - Produced by the National Association of Social Workers, Inc., contains more than 45,000 records, spanning from 1968 to the present, from social work and other related journals on topics such as homelessness, AIDS, child and family welfare, aging, substance abuse, legislation, community organization, and more.

Sociology - This database covers the international literature of sociology and social work, including culture and social structure, history and theory of sociology, social psychology, substance abuse and addiction and more.

Student Edition - Contains over 1100 titles, cross searchable with E-Books, this periodical database is designed for high-school students with access to a variety of indexed and full-text magazines, newspapers, podcasts, and reference books for information on current events, the arts, science, popular culture, health, people, government, history, sports and more.

Student Research Center - makes it easy for students to search by keyword or by topic to find the most useful search results. Results can be easily sorted by source type—magazines, reference books, photos, flags, etc

Teacher Reference Center - Provides indexing and abstracts for 280 of the most popular teacher and administrator journals and magazines to assist professional educators.

Telecommunications - This database is an essential resource for anyone researching the industry or its technology.

The Times Digital Archive - First published in 1785, The Times of London is widely considered to be the world's newspaper of record'. The Times Digital Archive allows users to search over 200 years of this invaluable historical source.

Twayne's Authors Series - These series offer literary criticism and in-depth introductions to the lives and works, history and influence of literary movements, and the development of literary genres. This online series features the content of more than 600 books that comprise three series - United States Authors, English Authors and World Authors.

UK-VET - The UK-Vet journals in combination provide practical, up-to-date information for the whole veterinary clinical team. Supported by panels of experts, their clinical articles cover all aspects of veterinary medicine, surgery and nursing care, and all species from cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, camelids and horses to cats, dogs, rabbits, exotic pets and wildlife casualties. Clinical reviews, case reports, self-assessments, step-by-step technique descriptions, and clinical research articles are peer reviewed to ensure high quality, while recent important research papers are highlighted. The accompanying online CPD programmes enable the veterinary surgeon or veterinary nurse to fulfil their complete CPD requirements.

USA Today  This publication's detailed indexing helps users quickly find the news information they need. Each issue is indexed thoroughly, so they have access to not only top news stories but also the information contained on the various sections of the paper. The indexing covers not only complete bibliographic information but also companies, people, products, etc.

US National Library of Medicine (locatorPlus) - The world’s largest medical library.

Vocations and Careers (Gale OneFile)

Vocational and Career Center - Supports vocational and technical courses of study with information from industry and trade related journals, reviews and newspapers.  Designed for vocational and technical libraries servicing high schools, community colleges, trade institutions and the general public, this collection provides full text coverage for nearly 340 trade and industry-related periodicals.

Wall Street Journal - This publication's detailed indexing helps users quickly find the news information they need. Each issue is indexed thoroughly, so they have access to not only top news stories but also the information contained on the various sections of the paper. The indexing covers not only complete bibliographic information but also companies, people, products, etc.

Washington Post - This publication's detailed indexing helps users quickly find the news information they need. Each issue is indexed thoroughly, so they have access to not only top news stories but also the information contained on the various sections of the paper. The indexing covers not only complete bibliographic information but also companies, people, products, etc.

World Animal Health Information Database - Provides access to all data held within OIE's new World Animal Health Information System (WAHIS). It replaces and significantly extends the former web interface named Handistatus II System.

World Almanac - Is the #1 best-selling American reference book of all time. It is the source for essential and authoritative facts for entertainment, reference and learning. - The world's largest network of library content and services. lets you search the collections of libraries in your community and thousands more around the world.

World Factbook - Provides information on the history, people, government, economy, geography, communications, transportation, military, and transnational issues for 267 world entities.

ZINC - A free database of commercially-available compounds for virtual screening. ZINC contains over 21 million purchasable compounds in ready-to-dock, 3D formats.

Zoological Records - The world's most comprehensive index to zoological and animal science literature.