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Marketing and Creative Services

We offer a wide range of marketing and creative services to our campus partners. We can help apply the university brand to a project, thereby ensuring consistent messaging and branding. Our team can assist in every phase of the marketing and creative development process — including strategic planning, graphic design, production, distribution and evaluation.

Graphic Design

Our team consults with campus clients to determine the best creative approach to a project based on the target audience(s) and communications goals involved. This includes assessing the scope, goals and budget associated with a project; its target audience(s); desired messages, calls to action and outcomes; photography needs; etc., while ensuring the project adheres to the university’s overall strategic goals, brand standards and trademark/licensing guidelines. There is no charge for our design services, but the campus client is responsible for any printing or other production expenses.


Our team’s all-inclusive advertising services comprise conceptualizing messaging, objectives and design; evaluating placement opportunities; securing pricing; writing copy; and integrating digital engagement or evaluation opportunities.

Event-Related Services

Our team can partner with event planners in the university’s colleges, schools and other units to assist with event-related needs. Creative services our team can provide include creative and marketing collateral — such as invitations, programs, banners, other graphic-design needs — as well as photography and videography support. In addition, our team can consult on event content and programming, such as scripting, speeches, talking points, multimedia resources and overall run of show.

Leveraging the office’s web services, our team can develop web-based solutions to promote and support event-related needs, including advertising events on the website, its scroll calendar, social media channels and e-communications. Furthermore, the team can assist with creating and supporting online event registration forms and payment options.

Annual Reporting

Our team collaborates with academic, financial, institutional effectiveness, student affairs and advancement leaders to craft the university’s annual report. This document — distributed during the fall semester once all records from the previous academic and fiscal year are finalized and verified — provides an overview of university operations in the aforementioned areas. Our team continues to refine this ever-evolving document into a tool that educates and engages our target audiences as a part of the office’s comprehensive storytelling and reputation-management strategies.