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Skegee Spotlight: Dr. Michael L. Curry

August 12, 2021

Contact: Kawana McGough, Office of Communications, Public Relations and Marketing

The Office of Communications, Public Relations and Marketing regularly shines its "'Skegee Spotlight" on employees, students and alumni who help make Tuskegee University "The Pride of the swift-growing South."  

Research, charting the pathway towards success

Skegee Spotlight on associate professor Dr. Muichael CUrry

Michael L. Curry, associate professor of chemistry and adjunct associate professor of materials science and engineering at Tuskegee, has been sharing cutting-edge research for quite some time, and much of his career has been spent on identifying biodegradable nanocomposites. Recently, his dedication led him to being selected for the prestigious 2021 National Organization for the Professional Advancement of Black Chemists and Chemical Engineers (NOBCChE) Historically Black College or University (HBCU) Pioneer Award. 

NOBCChE is a non-profit professional organization dedicated to assisting black and other minority students and professionals in fully realizing their potential in academic, professional, and entrepreneurial pursuits in chemistry, chemical engineering, and allied fields.  The organization offers the NOBCChE HBCU Pioneer Award to HBCU professionals in recognition of their leadership, scientific achievements, and commitment to constantly developing our nation’s historically black colleges and universities.

“I am honored to be the 2021 NOBCChE HBCU Pioneer Award recipient,” Curry said. “I consider this achievement to represent the commitment and dedication that our HBCU faculty and staff at Tuskegee have pledged in order to provide career-changing opportunities, resources, and pathways for our students. “Without their support, I would not have the opportunity to significantly influence the next generation of African American students.” 

“Dr. Curry is an outstanding researcher, and we are very proud of his achievements at Tuskegee University. The recognition bestowed on him reaffirms that and we are very pleased with this award,” said Channapatna Prakash, dean of college of arts and sciences.

Focused research develops green patent

Curry’s research focuses on the development of bio-inspired innovative materials that are not only sustainable but are designed to help in the elimination of atmospheric carbon dioxide, reducing the negative impact of climate change. Through his research program, Curry will engage HBCU students in the development of cutting-edge research and meaningful innovations.

 “I have structured my research and mentoring program such that it incorporates training, resources, and networks that engage underrepresented students at all levels of their education.”

Curry has made significant contributions to HBCU inspired innovations and STEM diversity through his research and student mentoring. Curry is the first professor at Tuskegee to gain a US patent with an African American student co-inventor.

 “As an HBCU faculty and researcher, I aim to increase the number of highly trained minority professionals within the STEM and entrepreneurship pipelines, I want to strategically move the needle forward on minority-inspired innovation, and powerfully influence the movement of STEM diversity,” added Curry.

Curry added that HBCUs play a key role in the education and training of African Americans, and with the right mentorship minority students will be inspired to purse and explore opportunities in the STEM field.

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