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Skegee Spotlight: Richard Glaze

July 02, 2018

The Office of Communications, Public Relations and Marketing regularly shines its "'Skegee Spotlight" on employees, students and alumni who help make Tuskegee University "the Pride of the swift-growing South."

Skegee Spotlight, Richard GlazeEven as an undergraduate at Tuskegee University, Richard Glaze ’10 relished helping students and continuing the rich legacy of Booker T. Washington. Glaze is a second-generation Tuskegeean and online enrollment counselor for the university’s Office of DIstance Education and Online Learning, prides himself on educating others on the value of obtaining an education.

Taking Pride

Tuskegee is a place Richard Glaze has always called home, and now his home has become his workplace.

“I’ve always had a passion for serving my university, and this is my way of giving back,” he said.

“Even as a student, I always wanted to ensure people had the right tools to be successful while they were in school, and I would always help them to the best of my ability,” Glaze added.

Glaze handles the department’s open house, marketing and recruiting efforts –– not to mention working with several millennials.

“The future is now –– and online learning is picking up everywhere. Students have internships throughout the summer, and it’s great to see Tuskegee move with the times,” said Glaze. “It’s certainly amazing to see the way the classroom setting has changed, particularly with technology ­–– we are always on the go, and students are constantly looking for ways to catch up, keep up or get ahead [with their studies].”

More than Enrollment

Although, Glaze has helped to fill 681 seats for online summer classes, he says it’s more to him than numbers.

“I was once a student, and I want to help students to the best of my ability to cross the commencement stage. I realize because of the rapid advancements in technology, there will always be new approaches for providing and delivering distance education –– and it’s my job to inform our students the opportunities available to them.”

“Our students are a part of our worldwide family, no matter how close or far away they may reside. Because of our caring and engaged faculty and support staff, we are able to dedicate our time to helping our students expand their potential and reach their career goals,” he added.

Helping Paves the Way

Glaze says because of his own experiences as a Tuskegee student, he makes an effort to go the extra mile to help the university’s current generation of students.

“I had a great time here; the teachers were helpful and took the time to explain materials, as well as being there as mentors,” he recalled of his time as a student.

In addition to providing excellent customer service, Glaze is known for taking care of his students — including little things like making sure he keeps a health supply of snacks around.

“Being a student is not easy, but if we provide students with excellent customer service, the word will spread that Tuskegee really cares about them. I want students to leave here knowing that we truly care about their growth,” he said.

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