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Skegee Spotlight: Veronica Cook

November 05, 2018

The Office of Communications, Public Relations and Marketing regularly shines its "'Skegee Spotlight" on employees, students and alumni who help make Tuskegee University "the Pride of the swift-growing South."

Tuskegee University shines spotlight on staff member Veronica CookSince 2012, Veronica Cook has served Tuskegee University in a number of capacities — from working in the Robert R. Taylor School of Architecture & Construction Science, to her current role as a data entry/gift processor in the Development Office, and also assisting in the President’s Office.


Cook has known Tuskegee University for much and of her life, and she credits her mother’s influence to her deep passion for the university.

“I’ve always known about Tuskegee University –– I’m a native of Tuskegee and I’ve always shared my love for the university. My mom also worked in the Development Office during her career, so Tuskegee was something I was exposed to early on,” explained Cook.

Cook’s passion for the university continues through the impact her work has on its students and its future.

“Ever since I’ve been here, I felt the love and warmth Tuskegee gives off, and because of that I’ve fallen in love with my job. I enjoy being around people and our students –– being here feels like I’m making a difference and leaving a lasting impression in someone’s life,” she mentioned.


Cook says the most rewarding part of her job is being able to work with her close-knit team in both the Development, Alumni Affairs and President’s Office.

“It’s only five of us in my immediate department, but we work like it’s 500 of us. We all get along — we’re team players and it feels like a family,” she added. “To me, it’s important to be able to get along with your coworkers, as it creates a positive environment for all. My job motivates me — I’m encouraged by those who surround me.”

Cook says while under the leadership of Krystal Floyd, current director of the Office of Development, she’s learned so much. She credits Floyd with being a valuable asset to her professional growth.

“She’s taken the time to coach me, empower me and motivate me to my highest potential,” she added.


Cook not only spends time speaking and leading current students in the right direction, but she also has a chance to speak with those who provide philanthropic support to the university.

“I love to talk, and for me I have a chance to connect with several alumni and donors. It’s important for me to treat our conversations as business, but I treat our potential donors as friends and because of that the conversation comes off easier on both ends,” she explained. “We have some of the greatest alums, and I’m so grateful that I have the opportunity to assist them with making their giving experience one to remember.”

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