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Summer 2020 enrichment program turns virtual to continue strengthening students for the Tuskegee veterinary curriculum

June 08, 2020

Contact:  Anissa Riley, College of Veterinary Medicine

Summer Enrichment and Reinforcement Program image

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many spring and summer plans for the university have been revamped including the Tuskegee University College of Veterinary Medicine’s Summer Enrichment and Reinforcement Program, known as SERP. Under the leadership of Dean Ruby L. Perry, students will still have the opportunity to strengthen their skillset through virtual sessions for the upcoming veterinary curriculum and their future career ambition.

This year’s participating summer class includes thirty-five students; the class will make up seven incoming first year students from the Class of 2024, eight currently enrolled veterinary students, 16 pre-veterinary students interested in applying for admittance into the veterinary program, and four teacher assistants/peer tutors.

Students will participate in a four-week program that will provide an introduction to the highly anticipated veterinary medical curriculum along with some health and wellness activities that will include mindfulness meditation and stress management. SERP is a longstanding enhancement program that has been preparing students for over three decades.  

“To add to the virtual experience for our participants, we are excited to have our professional veterinary alumni, the Atlanta Zoo and Birmingham Zoo partner in this innovative endeavor this summer,” said Kheri Flowers, assistant director for student success/counselor and SERP’s co-coordinator.

The virtual program will include guest veterinary alumni including Animal Planet’s The Vet Life stars – Drs. Michael Lavigne, Aubrey Ross, and Diarra Blue; Tuskegee Veterinary Medical Alumni Association President Dr. Tiffini Brabham; and the TVMAA Liaisons to the College, Dr. William T. Watson and Dr. Adam McKee. In addition, Dr. Patricia White, veterinary dermatologist at the Atlanta Veterinary Skin & Allergy Clinic; will also join the panel of experts. White is a transitions life coach and will participate in the health and wellness portion of the summer virtual program. White will be teaching students how to incorporate mindfulness meditation in their daily lives.

“For over 30 years, SERP has proven to be a very useful program to help motivate students that may need that extra edge succeed in making it through the demanding veterinary curriculum as well as prepare undergraduate students planning to enter the veterinary profession,” said Dr. Roslyn Casimir, associate dean for academic and student affairs and an assistant professor in the Department of Pathobiology.

“We are excited and appreciative about all of our alumni that have agreed to work with the virtual program this summer.  For the health and wellness portion, well-known author Kathleen Straker, author of Study Without Stress Mastering Medical Sciences, will be facilitating the skill building sessions on time management, test taking strategies, and note taking skills, to name a few,” said Casimir.

Although the curriculum has been shortened for this summer, the objectives of SERP will still be met which are to improve skills in critical thinking, processing of scientific concepts, and academic survival skills including effective communication, note-taking, time management, and test-taking.

SERP’s goals will be achieved through the following three-phase structured program:

  • Phase I – Week 1: Introduction to learn about career choices in the veterinary profession.
  • Phase II – Week 2-3: The didactic aspect of the program allows participants to receive a view of the veterinary curriculum.  Participants are assessed with pre and post examinations to determine their level of knowledge and proficiency.  
  • Phase III – Week 4: Participants will engage in the analysis and application of a condensed clinical experience.

SERP’s summer faculty also focuses on the requirements for applying to a DVM program and conduct mock interviews for participants interested in a veterinary program. To learn more, visit

About SERP 2020

The Tuskegee University Summer Enrichment and Reinforcement Program, SERP, is a four-week virtual program that provides a great introduction to the highly anticipated veterinary curriculum. It is an opportunity to strengthen the participant’s performance, surrounded by others who share their passion for animals, health, and science. The program focuses on the following key areas: learning strategies, critical thinking, analysis and application of clinical information. To learn more about the veterinary college, visit

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