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Tuskegee University College of Veterinary Medicine treats social media famous patient “Brisket the Bull”

December 04, 2020

TU College of Veterinary Medicine clinicians, surgeon and students stand with Brisket the Bull.
TU College of Veterinary Medicine treatment team stands with Brisket the Bull.

Contact:  Anissa Riley, College of Veterinary Medicine

Tuskegee University College of Veterinary Medicine students recently had the opportunity to assist veterinary large animal clinicians and surgeons in the medical treatment of a social media famous patient who goes by the name, “Brisket the Bull.” Brisket was given a clean bill of health on December 1 from the veterinary medical teaching hospital and then released to his owner.

The eight-year old Brahman bull is owned by Judy Presley, formerly from Tennessee but now a resident of Luverne, Alabama. Presley bought Brisket at a sale barn when he was just two years old. Over the years, she has raised and trained him to accept a halter, saddle and to be ridden. Brisket has a very gentle temperament and is nationally recognized for his owner's ability to trail ride and show jump with him.

“Brisket had a two-month history of an abscessed prepuce in which the abscess was treated by a private practice before being brought to the veterinary hospital for a sheath resection, which was a surgery successfully performed by Dr. Jeannine Bellamy, veterinary medical teaching hospital director, and myself providing the anesthesia,” said Dr. David McKenzie, professor and large animal clinician in the Large Animal Clinical Sciences Department.

The students assisted in the medical aftercare in which Brisket’s healing progressed well and led to a recent successful discharge. Brisket’s owner Judy was very pleased with the services of the college in treating Brisket and offered to have the students take pictures with him and be shared on Brisket’s Facebook and fan social media pages.

“We are proud of our students and thankful to our large animal veterinary medical clinicians for providing quality healthcare for our bovine clients. Being exceptional is what we are striving to be here at Tuskegee and have our clients be pleased with the veterinary services provided to our patients while preparing our students to be career-ready veterinarians upon completing the veterinary curriculum,” said Dr. Ruby L. Perry, dean of the College of Veterinary Medicine.

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