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Tuskegee will use $2.4 million for on-campus student experience

June 06, 2024

Contact: Thonnia Lee, Office of Communications, Public Relations and Marketing

Students moving into residence hall
Students moving into their residence halls.

Tuskegee University is pleased to announce that $2.4 million in funding will be used to fortify its Student Affairs Division and enhance campus safety and student wellness programs. This financial boost comes from the $20 million gift announced last month from an anonymous donor and will help enrich the university experience for all students.

The funding will help provide a safe and engaging educational experience on campus.  A significant portion of the funding will support recruiting additional full-time residence hall directors, promising comprehensive support and guidance for on-campus students. Additional licensed counselors will be hired to enhance mental health support services, providing students with increased access to counseling and wellness programs.

In alignment with efforts to enhance the university's campus safety program, funding also will be directed toward recruiting additional campus safety staff and acquiring new equipment to expand the presence of safety personnel on campus.

 “This investment aligns with our strategic plan and reaffirms our commitment to fostering student success and well-being by ensuring a safe and secure environment for all members of the Tuskegee University community,” said Dr. Charlotte P. Morris, President of Tuskegee University. “By bolstering counseling and mental health and wellness resources, we are steadfast in our dedication to providing a nurturing environment where every student can thrive."

Last fall Tuskegee enrolled almost 1,000 freshmen and transfer students. This summer, the university will complete renovations on two dormitories to significantly increase on-campus housing for new and returning students.

“This funding marks a significant stride toward achieving our vision of creating a premier on-campus experience,” said Dr. Rolundus Rice, Vice President of Students Affairs and Chief Operating Officer. “Our investment in critical areas such as residence hall support, mental health services, and campus safety, supports our goal to provide an experience that students will fondly remember long after graduating from Tuskegee.”


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Student leaders greeting new students
Orientation leaders greet incoming Freshmen and new students.


Students arranging items in her room
Student arranging items inside her room.