Students, faculty, staff, and visitors with disabilities have the right to access all that Tuskegee University offers.  We have a very active campus and should make every effort to ensure that people with disabilities have access to events.

Below are general questions to help event organizers consider accessibility. Individual needs vary widely so this is not an exhaustive list.  Please contact the Office of Student Life and Development for questions related to the list or additional information at the Office of ADA Compliance Tuskegee University.


  • Is your event in a location on the first floor or on a floor that has elevator or lift access?
  • Is there an accessible route to the location?
  • Is there an accessible path onto the stage?
  • Does the venue offer Assistive Listening Systems?
  • Are there seating options for wheelchair users and companion seating in varied locations in the venue?


  • Have you given the presenters/performers the opportunity to request accommodations?
  • Have you asked the presenters/performers to include captioning with any applicable media, audio description with applicable media, to be very descriptive with any visuals used, and to provide accessible versions of materials that will be distributed?

Advertisements/Media and Materials

  • Have you included a contact for people to request accommodations on your advertisements and/or on the registration?  An example:  Disability related accommodations are available by request.  Please note that some accommodations, like sign language interpreting, take time to arrange so requests made less than 1 to 2 weeks before the event may not be able to be fulfilled.  Please contact….
  • If serving food, have you advertised the opportunity for people to contact someone regarding dietary restrictions
  • Are your advertisement materials accessible?
  • Have you advertised electronically not just in hard copy?
  • Have you created a reasonable number of programs or other hard copy materials in Braille and enlarged print?
  • Do you have an electronic version of hard copies readily available if requested?
  • Budgeting
  • Have you anticipated the time and/or funding associated with the following accessibility features?
    • Sign language interpreter(s) proactively or by request (event organizers choice)
    • Communication Access Real Time Translation (CART) on an individual basis or on a venue screen proactively or by request (event organizers choice)
    • Captioning for a livestream
    • Captioning promotional video and/or postproduction distributed video
    • Audio description of promotional video and/or postproduction distributed video
    • Other Preparations/Considerations
  • Are barriers and obstructions out of the path of travel? 
  • If a sign language interpreter has been requested, is there seating reserved so the guest(s) can see the interpreter?
  • If CART for the venue has been requested, is there seating reserved so the guest(s) can see the screen?
  • Are those working the event aware of appropriate etiquette when assisting people with disabilities?
  • Have you considered emergency preparedness needs for people who may have a mobility impairment or concern?
  • If food or drink is available, are the items set up within arm’s reach for a person in a seated position?
  • If providing transportation, is an accessible mode available?
  • Are lecterns, microphones, and other presentation equipment potentially being used by presenters/performers or audience members adjustable/accessible?