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Parents and Family Programs

Group of TU parents posing in front of BTW statue on campus

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Welcome Tuskegee Parents, Families and Friends!

Parent and family involvement and support are vital to our students’ success as they complete their academic journey. By staying informed and engaged in your student’s college experience, you are partnering with the Division of Student Affairs to ensure your student — and our entire student body — graduates as a well-rounded Tuskegee gentleman or woman.

Through the support of our Parents & Family Advisory Council, we are helping students master their college experience independently — knowing, however, that within arm’s length is a support system assisting them to navigate university life, cheering them on, and challenging them to learn new things, both inside and outside the classroom.

We know that you as parents and family members will have questions during your student’s academic journey as well. That’s what our Advisory Council is for. It truly does take a village, and we want to be your Tuskegee University village for the duration of your student’s time on campus. After all, you are an important part of the Tuskegee Family too.

What is the Parents & Family Advisory Council? 

Our Advisory Council helps parents and families partner with Tuskegee University as we provide your student with quality educational, social and co-curricular experiences. Learning doesn’t happen just in the classroom, so through our Division of Student Affairs, students develop additional leadership and life skills that will serve them during the entirety of their adult lives.

Our Parents & Family Advisory Council includes parents, extended family members, alumni and friends who support Tuskegee’s academic mission through their continued engagement and philanthropic support.  We believe in giving our Parents & Family Advisory Council members important and timely communications about campus happenings, as well as ways you can enrich experiences for every Tuskegee student. 

How to Join -- Joining the Advisory Council is the easy part! Simply complete the online membership form — there’s no cost to you!


Our Four Pillars

Parents and families can support Tuskegee University in a number of ways. Below are our association’s four main priorities:

Pillar 1 -- Golden Tiger Care Packages:

Every student likes to receive surprises and free stuff — especially when it’s a package sent from home. Tuskegee offers a few ways for parents and families to send a little love from home to their students.

Pillar 2 -- Career Development:

We want to help prepare students for the next phase of their career journey.  Parents and families can share their professional expertise and career perspectives, present lectures and participate in seminars that help students be more competitive in the global workplace, serve as personal references for internships, and even provide internships and post-graduate job opportunities through their places of employment.

Pillar 3 -- Career Closet:

In partnership with the Student Government Association, the association will support the Career Closet initiative, slated to begin in Fall 2020. The initiative provides Tuskegee students experiencing financial hardships and readying for job interviews or post-graduate employment with gently worn, used clothing free of charge. The Career Closet’s offerings would include professional clothing, formal attire, and gently worn shoes for students’ benefit.

Pillar 4 -- Parent & Family Campaign Fund:

Advisory Council members provide charitable gifts to support student scholarships, academic programs, and other initiatives that help the university fulfill its mission. Give to the  Golden Tiger Fund.