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Enroll in the Tuition Payment Plan

About the Tuition Payment Plan

Tuskegee University provides payment options that help you afford education. Enroll now in the Semester Payment Option. Tuskegee University offers this popular option with Tuition Management Systems, the nation's #1-rated provider of education payment services for over 20 years. We are pleased to make this option available at a low cost to you.

Benefits of the Tuition Management System

  • Monthly payments instead of one large payment each semester
  • Easy choices that reduce your need to borrow
  • Tailored to your needs
  • Guaranteed acceptance

Tuition Management Systems' Semester Payment Option allows you to make your installment payments monthly.  Tuskegee University provides payment options that help you afford education.  Enroll now in the Semester Payment Option.

How Much Does it Cost?

Your only cost is an enrollment fee.  You must enroll each semester and the enrollment fee is $65 each enrollment.  There is no interest or other costs. Because this is not a loan, everyone qualifies. The most a student can put on the payment plan is $6000 for each semester.  

How Do I Enroll in the Payment Plan?

Enrollment is fast and easy. Click here to follow the steps on the Payment Planner form today. Complete and mail the enrollment form, or have the information handy and call 1-888-216-4268 or go to Tuskegee University's Gateway at . Click on View Payment Options, choose Semester Payment Plan, choose which academic term, complete the steps, and use your credit card to pay your enrollment fee.

Once enrolled, you will be billed monthly, in accordance with the Semester Payment Schedule printed on your enclosed planner and the Plan option you've selected. Automatic monthly deductions from checking or savings are available at no additional cost.

Please enroll as soon as possible to ensure participation.

Enroll Today!
Tuition Management Systems, PO Box 0169, Cincinnati, OH 45274-0169      (1-888-222-2914)