College of Agriculture, Environment & Nutrition Sciences (CAENS)


The College of Agriculture, Environment and Nutrition Science aims to provide students of diverse ethnic, cultural and socioeconomic heritage with the scientific background for the development of professional expertise; the leadership skills needed to participate fully in a rapidly advancing, technological, informational society, the dedication to recognize and contribute to the resolution of real-world problems, and an appreciation and understanding of the humanities and social sciences that will provide a foundation for aesthetic and moral growth as well as a broad perspective from which to view their professional and personal lives. 


CAENS Overview

The curricula within the College of Agriculture, Environment and Nutrition Sciences (CAENS) is designed to prepare students who will ultimately become professionals in areas that include.....Read more 

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CAENS Leadership

Meet the  administrators, campus leadership and depertament heads fo the Tuskegee University’s College of Agriculture, Environment and Nutrition Sciences (CAENS). ...Read more 

Office of the Dean

The dean and director of the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences serves as the chief administrative officer of the college, with direct responsibility for all teaching, research and extension programs. Read more..

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Clubs & Organization

CAENS clubs and organization strives to give students in different fields a chance to network with others in their fields. Read more..

CAENS Alumini & Friends 

Calling all CAENS Alumni and Friends! Come reconnect and also help turn dreams of CAENS students and familyi into realities through your gifts and support. Join our conversation!!