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Sena Daniel Ahiabor is a Sustainable Food Systems Resource Specialist, Tuskegee University Cooperative Extension, College of Agriculture, Environment & Nutrition Sciences (CAENS)/Postharvest and Consumer Science.

Sena is an agronomist by profession and has the flair for problem solving and development of agricultural programs/inputs especially for Small-Scaled and Limited-Resourced Farmers. He worked in various agricultural establishments in Europe and Ghana. In 2013, his food processing company was adjudged the best Small Scale Agro-Processing Company by the government of Ghana.

He left Ghana for further studies after a challenge with his company and works with Carver Integrative Sustainability Center (CISC) of Tuskegee University, Alabama.

Sena has currently developed three farm inputs (Patents pending) to help especially the Small-Scaled and Limited-Resourced Farmers. These are:
1. Hands-Free or Elbow Operated Hand Wash Station: A collapsible, mobile, non-sewer system Hands-Free Wash Station with water recycling for other crops irrigation. It is compact, cheap, for outdoor and communal use wherever hand washing is required close to people. Its use is void of cross contamination of hands during. It is ideal for use especially by Small-Scaled and Limited-Resourced Farmers especially during harvesting where it could be placed close to harvesters, and it is environmentally friendly. Other places where it is used are close to Children's Playgrounds, placed close to RV Vans, Mobile or Toilets without Vanity Systems, Entrance to church premises, Farmers Markets, Durbar grounds etc.

2. Multi-Use Station: This is also a Collapsible, Mobile Multi-Purpose Station screened with plexiglass in the middle for users to face each other with no compromise on their health during working on harvested produce in these times of Covid-19 pandemic. It is a versatile station for use by farmers especially Small-Scaled and Limited-Resourced Farmers for produce sorting, grading, washing (Bubble Washing) and packaging all in one after harvesting. It is also converted as a farm produce packaging bench, workshop/repair bench which is a must for farmers when needed.

3. Simple but effective vegetable samples grader or monitor for grading selected vegetables in the field for their desired diameters and lengths prior to harvesting or during sale by farmers or purchase by clients for desired grade(s).

4. This list shall increase with time, my hope.

Sena takes inspiration from the ants who know when food is available and store it against the lean season so as not to go hungry.

“The future belongs to those who take good initiatives, for the they go the extra mile” is his quote.