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CAENS Faculty

Lindsey Lunsford, PhD – Associate Professor of Food Systems and Social Justice

200 Morrison Mayberry Hall
Phone: 334-727-8821
Curriculum vitae
Area:Food Systems and Social Justice

Research Summary

Dr. Lindsey Lunsford's research lies at the intersection of food systems and social justice, with a focus on examining the intricate relationships between food culture, equity, and sustainability. Through her work, she explores historical roots of contemporary food issues, particularly in the US Southeast, while considering the broader global context. Her research initiatives include:

  1. Food Justice and Equity: Investigating how historical disparities and systemic inequalities have shaped food systems and access to nourishing foods within marginalized communities. Dr. Lunsford is dedicated to understanding the complexities of food justice and working towards increased equity, democracy, and sustainability.
  2. Community Empowerment: Dr. Lunsford's research explores how local communities engage in food sovereignty movements, aiming to regain control over their food systems and shape policies that prioritize equitable access to nutritious foods.
  3. Ethical Food Policies: Through evidence-based research, Dr. Lunsford examines the development of ethical food policies that promote fairness and inclusivity. She explores strategies to bridge the gap between different stakeholders' views on food production, labor, distribution, and consumption.
  4. Food Cultures and Social Movements: Dr. Lunsford investigates the impact of historical and contemporary social movements related to food justice, emphasizing their strategies, successes, and challenges.
  5. Teaching and Outreach: Beyond research, Dr. Lunsford is dedicated to educating and engaging students on the topics of food systems and social justice. Her interactive teaching approach equips students with a nuanced understanding of complex food-related issues.

Dr. Lunsford's commitment to fostering inclusive conversations, addressing systemic disparities, and inspiring positive change within food systems is evident in both her research and teaching. Her work contributes to advancing awareness, knowledge, and practical solutions in the pursuit of a more equitable and sustainable food landscape.