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Spotlight - Christian Jackson, Smithfield Foods Integrate Scholar

  Christian Jackson

Christian Jackson, Tuskegee University’s senior animal science major, was one of 30 students selected nationally as a 2021 Smithfield Foods Integrate Scholar. This program exposed students to research and development within the protein industry. Ms. Jackson had the opportunity to complete a mini research project with a senior scientist and she had a great discussion with the group.

Ms. Jackson explained her experience as beneficial and a fantastic opportunity.

“I enjoyed being a part of the Smithfield experience and was offered an internship upon completion of the project. The experience shed light on my current and future career opportunities, and it motivated me to look at current roles for early-career and professional opportunities that would benefit me.” She also stated, “Smithfield’s mission aims to support learning, growth, and professional development by helping others effectively navigate their career within the industry. I aim to be an exemplary leader in the meat science industry and Smithfield has given me a fantastic opportunity to grow with an amazing company.”

Ms. Jackson is from Montgomery, Al and the program was last in Smithfield, Virginia. Tuskegee University College of Agriculture, Environment and Nutrition Sciences (CAENS) sent four students to this years’ program and more information is forthcoming on them and their experiences.