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Goat and goat farming historically originated in the Middle East (Ganji Dareh, Iran, Mesopotamia) more than 10,000 years ago (about 8000 B.C.) and then spread throughout the world, east to China and India, west to Europe, south to Africa, and later to America.  Although the goat was the first domesticated ruminant livestock compared to cattle or sheep, it lags behind those species in research. The goat population in the world has experienced a strong increase (from 497 million in 1986 to over 850 million in 2007) during the past few decades, while most other species (except poultry) either decreased (sheep) or did not change significantly. However, scientific investment in goat science education and research remains very low.

Tuskegee University has over one hundred–year history of providing assistance to underserved rural communities in the State of Alabama, starting from the time of the visionary Dr. George Washington Carver. Caprine Connection is designed to enhance this core mission of Tuskegee University –“to perform the role and function of a Land –Grant University in areas of Teaching, Research and Outreach”, that meets the need of the community at large. Tuskegee University historically has a significant contribution in the area of goat research and this website will build capacity to extend the research activities that encompass all areas of goat production and improve client skill levels.

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