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Caprine Connection Facilities

The Research Farm of the Tuskegee University Research and Education Unit is located at the George Washington Carver Agriculture Experiment Station and provides the livestock, facilities, and support personnel that are used in research and extension activities. The Farm currently houses two breeds of meat goats, Boer and Kiko goats. Approximately 24-30 fenced paddocks are used for grazing studies and more than 200 acres of land provide harvested forage. 

There are over 100 individual pen facilities for indoor research. The pen facilities are used mostly for feeding and performance trials for meat goat research. There are also metabolism crate facilities for nutrition/physiology research at the Unit. The Unit also includes an assisted reproductive technologies laboratory. In addition to general laboratory facilities, there are special laboratories for fiber and other feed nutrient analysis. 

Other functions include, providing improved breeding stocks to farmers, conducting annual field days (e.g. internal parasites control strategies, fecal egg counts and FAMACHA skills, sustainable year-round foraging), and developing production systems that will enhance sustainable meat goat production practices across the state while protecting the environment.