For more than 100 years Tuskegee University (TU) has played a leading role in ruminant research and education, serving as a resource for farmers involved in cattle production throughout the state of Alabama, with an emphasis on providing assistance to small and minority producers. To continue that tradition, TU works to address the challenges of today’s cattle producer through the TU Beef Cattle Program.  The program is designed to provide information to Alabama cow-calf producers, helping them be the very best in the country, proving information how to improve their profitability and position the industry to be competitive with other states. The program is led by a team of Tuskegee University Extension specialists and agents, with the support and involvement of representatives of state level agencies, businesses and organizations that have an interest in the state’s cattle industry.   The program is designed to educate new and experienced producers alike, bringing forth new information and techniques for all.

The TU Beef Cattle was developed for the express purpose of providing training for Value Added Practices for Small Beef Cattle Producers.  The program is composed of three seminars/symposia that include an annual beef cattle seminar in the fall followed by two other events that include the annual Professional Agricultural Workers Conference (PAWC) in December with a symposium on “Current Trends in Cattle Production” (learn more at pawc.info) as well as the Small Farmers Conference held in February with a symposium on “Value Added Strategies: A Road Maximizing Profitability in Sm(ALL) Cattle Operations” (learn more at https://www.tuskegee.edu/programs-courses/colleges-schools/caens/conferences-workshops/farmers-conference).

Fall Beef Cattle Seminar

Professional Agriculture Workers Conference Symposium

The annual PAWC held in December will include a symposium entitled “Current Trends in Beef Cattle Production” for individuals interested in beef cattle production.  For more about PAWC, visit pawc.info.

2019 PAWC Beef Cattle Symposium Agenda

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Small Farmers Conference Symposium

The annual Small Farmer’s Conference held in February will include a symposium entitled “Value Added Strategies: A Road Maximizing Profitability in Sm(ALL) Cattle Operations. ” To learn more, please CLICK HERE.

EVENT SPONSOR(S): Alabama Cattleman’s Association

Beef Cattle Courses Workshops

Program Contacts

Beef Cattle Reproduction Management Seminar
Sheniqua Bynum, Student Assistant
Email: sbynum5662@tuskegee.edu
Phone: 410-258-9617

Professional Agriculture Workers Conference
Olga Bolden-Tiller, PhD
Email:  oboldentiller@tuskegee.edu
Phone:  334-727-8403

Small Farmer’s Conference
Nar Gurung, PhD
Email: ngurung@tuskegee.edu
Phone:  334-72708457

All Programs
Devetta Gallop, Program Assistant
Email: dgallop3224@tuskegee.edu
Phone: 252-619-8535

Ron Davis, TU Research Tech
Email: rdavis@tuskegee.edu
Phone: 301-919-8113


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TU Beef Cattle Program Photo Gallery

Other Extension Activities