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Ntam Baharanyi, PHD
Project Director   

Lila B Karki, PhD   

Pollard Carmalita,

Conrad Bonsi, PhD

Henry J. Findlay, PhD

Youssouf Diabate, PhD

Channapatna Prakash, PhD 

About InnovATE

Our Mission
The mission of the Innovation for Agricultural Training and Education (innovATE) Project is to cultivate the human and institutional capacity necessary for developing countries to promote rural innovation needed to achieve sustainable food security, reduce poverty, conserve natural resources and address other rural problems. This capacity will rely largely on in-country agricultural education and training programs and institutions to be cost-effective, sustainable, and relevant.

Our Objective
The project objective for innovATE is to define and disseminate good practice strategies, approaches, and investments for establishing efficient, effective and financially sustainable agricultural education and training institutions and systems. InnovATE will support country programs for agricultural education and training reform and investment.

Where We Work
Check out where InnovATE is working with AET institutions.

Work Plan Year 3

Activities & Tasks

FY13 Annual Report

FY14 Annual Report


a) Background Study Series
Democratic Republic of the Congo: AET Background Study

b) Country Fact Sheets
Country Fact Sheet: Democratic Republic of the Congo

c) Thermatic Study

d) Challenges and Opportunities for AET in Post-Conflict Sub-Saharan Africa

e) InnovATE:  Kickoff  Presentation

f) InnovATE : Southern Rural Sociological Association (SRSA) Annual Conference of Southern Association of Agricultural Scientists (SAAS)

g) InnovATE: Generic Presentation TU Campus Wide Seminar 

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Trip Reports

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