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TUCEP Mission and Objectives


The mission of the Tuskegee University Cooperative Extension Program (TUCEP) is to provide comprehensive research-based educational programs designed for life-long learning to assist limited resource families, both urban and rural and other groups and organizations, to improve their quality of life in a technological global society.


The objectives of the Tuskegee University Cooperative Extension Program (TUCEP) are:

  1. To provide youth and adults exposure to a variety of entrepreneurial curriculums, programs and models for teaching and/or conducting entrepreneurial educational projects.

  2. To increase profitability and sustainability of small-scale farmers and landowners who continue to face production, financial and marketing challenges due to the size of their operations, as well as other historical and environmental factors.

  3. To assist businesses and individuals with various planning techniques and help these entities with other tools for sound business and individual decision-making.

  4. To enhance the leadership capability of individuals and community leaders by providing them with requisite skills in leadership.

  5. To increase environmental awareness and promote responsible environmental stewardship among Alabamians, as a whole, and in particular, its rural minority population.

  6. To increase awareness among racial and ethnic minority groups in Alabama, including Tuskegee University students, about the risk factors of heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes and cancer.

  7. To educate participants to change risk behaviors that may reduce chronic health disorders.

  8. To teach participants to modify behaviors learned and to make positive behavioral changes.

  9. To provide professional training for extension personnel to acquire new knowledge and skills essential for planning, implementing, and evaluating quality Extension programs.