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DAES Faculty

Chukwuemeka Okere, PhD – Research & Extension Professor of Animal Science; Interim Head, Department of Agricultural & Environmental Sciences; Coordinator, Animal & Veterinary Sciences Program

107 Mary Starke Harper Hall
Phone: 334-727-8904
Area: Animal Sciences
Curriculum vitae

Research Summary

  • To utilize assisted reproductive techniques to make rapid advances in genetic selection and improvement of desirable traits in meat goat production.
  • To develop new genetic testing programs to accelerate improvement of economic traits, including growth performance, reproductive survival and meat quality
  • Development of feeding and management programs to improve the competitiveness of meat goat industry in central Alabama. 
  • To develop means of improving growth rate, feed efficiency, and survivability, including research aimed at reducing the prevalence and impact of infectious diseases in meat goatherd. 
  • To conduct research aimed at improving reproductive efficiency and increasing perinatal survival in the meat breeding stock.
  • Develop an integrated parasite management program.
  • To access genotype and nutrition interaction on carcass yield and meat quality in goats.