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Jannette Bartlett, PhD – Research Assistant Professor of Animal Science

200 Mary Starke Harper Hall
Phone: 334-727-8266
Curriculum vitae

Research Summary

  • Poultry Research: Evaluating the performance (intake, growth, gain:feed), and carcass characteristics (dressing percentage, abdominal fat, organ weights, skin and shank color, fatty acid profile, cholesterol, sensory evaluation) of broiler chickens fed sweet potato root meal substituting for a portion of the corn in the diet.
  • Feeding different types of fat in the diet of broilers and evaluating performance and carcass quality.
  • Supplementing the diets of layer chickens with sweet potato leaf meal and evaluating egg characteristics (yolk color, fatty acid profile, sensory evaluation, cholesterol level, etc.).
  • Pastured Poultry Production: Several projects comparing the overall performance and carcass characteristics of broiler chickens raised on pasture and those raised in the conventional production system. We are comparing the nutritive composition, stress hormone (corticosterone) levels, and gut microflora of broilers on pasture versus the conventional production system, also the impact on soil and forages in the pasture. We are now assessing seasonal effects on pasture production of broilers and assessing the parameters mentioned above. Another project involves rotation of goats and chickens on pasture and evaluating the level of parasite load in the goats. The premise is that chickens will consume the parasite eggs and larvae, thereby reducing parasite load in the goats.