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The Undergraduate Research and Mentoring Opportunities

Tuskegee University DAES is excited to offer students a number of undergraduate research opportunities through faculty-funded projects by DAES faculty and its partners at Tuskegee University and other institutions across the U.S. and beyond.  Due to the nature of funded for such opportunities, undergraduate research programs are always evolving, thus, we encourage you to visit our site often to learn about these and other opportunities. The current projects are below. 

Program Name: Innovative Plant Molecular Breeding Research and Experiential Education (iBREED) Program

Program Overview: The iBREED program is designed to recruit and engage Tuskegee University students in Plant Breeding through a discovery, creative, and imaginative manner as a means of training the next generation of plant breeders.  Participants take part in research and educational experiences at Tuskegee University as well as project partners, such as NC State University..
Program Contact: Dr. Marceline Egnin, megnin@mytu.tuskegee.edu334-724-4404 or 334-727-8084.
Program Website: Coming Soon!
Application Deadline: See program contact for more information.

Program Name: Wildlife Engineers Co-managing Agriculture and Nature (WE CAN) Program

Program Overview: The WE CAN program provides students with TWO summers of high quality research and internship experiences domestically (Tuskegee University and University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) and internationally (University of KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa).
Program Contact: Dr. Olga
Program Website: Coming Soon!
Application Deadline: March 22, 2017.

Program Name: Enhancing Teaching Capacity in Animal Reproduction at Tuskegee University (ART)

Program Overview: The ART program provides students interested in reproductive physiology the opportunity to engage in research in the field as well as hands on training in assisted reproductive technologies, including artificial insemination.
Program Contact: Dr. Gemechu Wirtu (College of Veterinary Medicine) and Dr. Olga
Program Website: Coming Soon!
Application Deadline: April 7, 2017.

Program Name: Research in Anaerobic Digestion (RAD)

Program Overview: he RAD program provides students with the opportunity to create green energy through anaerobic digestion during the academic year (Tuskegee University) and summer months (Tuskegee University and Kettering University in Michigan).
Program Contact: Dr. Kokoasse
Program Website: Coming Soon!
Application Deadline: April 7, 2017.

Program Name: Microbiological Infusions in Careers, Research Opportunities and Biomedical Education (Microbe)

Program Overview: The MICROBE program offers research opportunities for students as a means of developing leaders in science research and medicine.
Program Contact: Dr. A. Deloris Alexander, and Dr. Richard Whittington(College of Arts and Sciences)
Program Website: Coming Soon!
Application Deadline: Fall of each year; see program contact for more information.

Program Name: Toxicology Mentoring and Skills Development Training Program

Program Overview: This program provides mentoring experiences for students interested by toxicologists and related biomedical fields from Tuskegee University and parntering institutions, including Ohio State University, Iowa State University and several federal agencies through a number of site visits and conferences all of which may lead to research and related opportunities.
Program Contact: Dr. A. Deloris Alexander, and Dr. Ebony Gilbreath ,
Program Website:
Application Deadline: See program contact for more information.

Program Name: Leadership and Excellence by Tuskegee University Students (LET US) Academy for STEM majors.

Tuskegee University is excited to launch the Leadership and Excellence by Tuskegee University Students (LET US) Academy for STEM majors.  An increasing number of jobs require well-trained individuals with a background in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).  Increasingly, employers are concerned about the lack of “soft skills” or employability skills for individuals in STEM and others areas.  The LET US Academy will provide students with skills that enable individuals to create stakeholder momentum, share and sell ideas, function in teams, develop business acumen, develop leadership skills and navigate across a complex matrix of global organizations that bring value to the workplace. Read more....

In addition to these projects, the College of Agriculture, Environment and Nutrition Sciences (CAENS) as a number of volunteer and funded projects that provide DAES students with an opportunity to gain valuable undergraduate research and related experiences.  Further, students are encouraged to pursue opportunities beyond our esteemed institution as internships and co-ops.  For more information, visit the Tuskegee University Office of Undergraduate Research.