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Biology Curriculum

It is in the best long-term interest of the students that their fitness for the biology major be assessed as early as possible. Students that require multiple repetition of basic mathematics, chemistry and core biology courses will be assisted in making the necessary adjustments to continue or in making a transition to a more suitable major. A student will attain cautionary status if upon the completion of the Freshman year, the student has received at least one "D" or "E" grade in either Biology 100, 140, 141, 120, 121, 230, 231 or a "D" or "E" grade in Chemistry 231 and Mathematics 107 whenever taken. Cautionary status will come with instructions on obtaining tutorial and other advisory assistance to aid students in successfully pursuing the requirements for the biology major. The accumulation of four grades of "D" and "E" in any combination of the aforementioned courses and Biology 250 and 251, regardless as to whether either was successfully repeated, will result in the forced transition to a different major. 

Required Biology Courses  
BIOL 120,121 Organismic Biology & Laboratory 4 hrs
BIOL 230,231 Cell & Genetic Biology & Laboratory 4 hrs
BIOL 250,251 Molecular Cell & Genetic Biology & Laboratory 4 hrs
BIOL 305 Animal Physiology 4 hrs
BIOL 309 Genetics 4 hrs
BIOL 360, 361  Biochemistry & Laboratory 4 hrs
BIOL 401 Seminar in Biology 1 hr

Electives in Biology 
Nineteen (19) additional hours of Biology must be selected in consultation with student's Biology advisor. 
No grade less than "C" in any Biology course counts as credit toward graduation.

Required Related Courses
CHEM 231,233 General Chemistry I & Laboratory 5 hrs
CHEM 232,234 General Chemistry II & Laboratory 5 hrs
CHEM 320,322 Organic Chemistry I & Laboratory 5 hrs
CHEM 321,323 Organic Chemistry II & Laboratory 5 hrs
PHYS 310,313 General Physics I & Lab 4 hrs                              
PHYS 311,314 General Physics II & Lab 4 hrs 
MATH 107 College Algebra & Trigonometry I 4 hrs
MATH 108 College Algebra & Trigonometry II 4 hrs 
MATH 207 Analytic Geometry & Calculus I 4 hrs

Minor in Biology 
All students wishing to minor in Biology must enroll in twenty (20) hours of Biology courses.  Eight of the hours must be the following courses:

BIOL 120/121 Organismic Biology and Laboratory 4 hrs
BIOL 230/231 Cell and Genetic Biology and Laboratory 4 hrs

Twelve additional hours should be selected from approved Biology electives from 200 to 500 level courses. It is advised that students consult with a Biology faculty member before enrolling in the elective courses.