Pre-Professional Health Careers Advisory Program (PHCAP)

The Plan for Pre-Health Students

Welcome to the Center for Pre-Professional Health Careers Advisory Program website! If you have questions about applying to health professional programs and internships, please call (334) 727-8832 to set up an appointment. PHCAP stands for Pre-Professional Health Careers Advisory Program. The PHCAP Committee is here to assist Tuskegee University students in planning their health careers. Whether you want a career in Medicine, Dentistry, Public Health, Pharmacy, etc. or become a Physician's Assistant, let us help you plan your career in health care. 


Health professions schools are interested in individuals who are broadly educated and have a well-rounded background that is rooted in achievement while pursuing rigorous course loads. Everyone knows to focus on pre-requisites in the science and math disciplines; however, PHCAP shows students how to preparation for admission. Preparing for a career in healthcare professions is challenging and requires commitment. PHCAP students know that preparation means not just getting the application ready but preparing for a future career in healthcare. The PHCAP creates leaders by hosting activities that include developing knowledge about health professions and focuses on developing skills that are valued in the field such as communication. Mock interviews are conducted to help students evaluate their strengths and weaknesses, and learn how to demonstrate their passion for helping others in the application process. In addition, MCAT Prep sessions are given to allow students to experience the testing environment for admission into professional school. To assist in the development of PHCAP participants, students are encouraged to participate in internship programs offerred at several institutions. To assist in the development of PHCAP participants, students are encouraged to participate in internship programs offered at several institutions.


Students are encouraged to fill out the following forms and bring them to Garland Wise in room 207, Armstrong Hall. 

Tuskegee University Undergraduate Students visit Magnolia Haven on the weekend to give back to a community that has done so much for them.

Pre-Professional Health Students volunteer at Tuskegee retirement home to show their dedication to the surrounding community.


Thumbnail image of Pre-Health Workshops and Advising informationAdvisors

The advisors to the PHCAP Program are Garland Wise (Graduate and Professional Advisor) and Joanne Snapp.

Contact Information

If you have problems or questions, please contact:

Garland Wise, Graduate and Professional Advisor
207 Armstrong Hall
Department of Biology
Tuskegee University
Tuskegee, AL 36088
Office Phone: (334) 727-8832
Fax: (334) 727-3919

Joanne Snapp 

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