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Department of Chemistry


The Department of Chemistry at Tuskegee University is committed to providing a world class educational and research environment with an aim toward technological, economic, and cultural advancement at the regional, state and national level.  Our mission is divided into four categories:

  1. to train chemists to achieve their professional goals by stimulating them to become independent and creative thinkers,
  2. to support faculty and students in conducting impactful research,
  3. to facilitate interdisciplinary studies, and
  4. to build local and worldwide partnerships that seek to find solutions to today’s pressing problems.


To be a nationally recognized education and research model in the field of chemistry and the related chemical sciences.

B.S. in Chemistry

The Department of Chemistry offers an American Chemical Society (ACS) approved Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry. We are the only HBCU and one of nine universities in Alabama  that the Committee on Professional Training of the American Chemical Society has given the right to grant ACS approved degrees. Our program is versatile, designed to prepare the students for careers in research and development, sales and marketing, or for further studies in graduate school and professional schools such as medical, dental, and pharmacy schools. Students are advised according to their career goals.Our department offers access to the following instrumentation for students and faculty: Bruker BioSpin Avance III HD 400 MHz NMR Spectrometer, Agilent 6530 LC-MS QTOF, Shimadzu FTIR-8400S Infrared Spectrometer, Hewlett-Packard 8453 Ultraviolet-visible Spectrophotometer, Shimadzu RF 5301PC Spectrofluorometer,  Agilent 6890N Gas Chromatography,  Agilent 1100 series High Performance Liquid Chromatography and 1100 series Hewlett-Packard High Performance Liquid Chromatography instrument.

M.S. in Chemistry

The Department of Chemistry at Tuskegee University offers a Master of Science degree program. The M.S. program includes a research thesis in major areas of chemistry (analytical, biochemistry, inorganic, nanobiotechnology, organic, physical, and polymer chemistry) as well as required graduate-level courses from these areas.

Location: Armstrong Hall Rm 102

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Current Events / News

  • Chemistry Students Encourage Creativity in Local Students
  • Department of Chemistry Hits Three Homeruns
  • Abdalla Wins Major Research Instrumentation Award from NSF to Acquire a 400MHz NMR
  • Tourné Wins Major Research Instrumentation Award from NSF to Acquire a Mass Spectrometer
  • Department of Chemistry acquires state of the art Atomic Force Microscope
  • Campbell Reaches 25 Year Milestone
  • Collier, Curry and ACS Student Affiliates Win Green Chemistry Grant
  • Students to Represent Tuskegee on a Nationwide Scale
  • Chemistry Students Receive Research Awards from Alabama Academy of Science
  • Pilot Grant for Dr. Mohamed O. Abdalla, Assistant Professor
  • SAACS Students host their first seminar speaker, Dr. Brent H. Shanks
  • SAACS Students Present “An Introduction to Green Chemistry”
  • Archives......

Honors & Awards

  • 2013 President's Essay Contest and Awards Program
  • Exploring Surface Area with the Mad Scientist 

Contact Information

Dr. Albert E. Russell, Department Head
Department of Chemistry
Armstrong Hall Rm 102
College of Arts and Sciences 
Tuskegee University
Tuskegee, AL 36088
Telephone: (334) 727-8833
Fax: (334) 724-4492