B. A. in Communication

The department also offers the Bachelor of Arts in communication, a new program encompassing the study of speaking and writing as well as the exploration of interpersonal, organizational, and intercultural communication, information media, and communication ethics. The program is designed to help students acquire broad knowledge and competencies in communication and the intellectual skills that will enable them to become critically aware and engaged citizens of the world and to succeed in communication-related professions, including business, government, law, entertainment, and mass media.

General Education Requirements: 81 hours

  • OREN 101/102: 2 hours
  • PHED: 2 hours
  • Humanities: 19 hours
  • Foreign Language Requirement: 12 hours
  • Social/Behavioral Sciences: 18 hours
  • Natural Sciences/Mathematics/Computers Science: 16 hours
  • Free Electives: 12 hours

Major Requirements: 42 hours                                                                 

Communication 222, Introduction to Communication  
English 327, Public Speaking
English 209, Basic News Reporting
English 211, Advanced Composition for Communication Majors
English 203, Professional and Technical Writing, or English 204, Critical Reading and
Technical Writing
Computer Science 150, Introduction to Computer Science
Communication 223, Communication Theory
Communication 314, Interpersonal Communication
Communication 316, Group and Organizational Communication
Communication 411, Communication Ethics
Communication 418, Communication Research
Communication 420, Internship
Communication 320, Media, Culture, and Society, or Communication 405, Intercultural Communication

One of the following courses:

  •  Communication 322, Persuasive and Argumentative Discourse
  •  English 430, Film Studies
  •  Communication 324, Nonverbal Communication
  •  Communication 336, Special Topics in Communication
  •  Communication 450, Directed Study

TOTAL: 123 hours

Communication Curriculm Balance Sheet (Students Beginning August 2020 And Later) (pdf)

Communication Curriculm Balance Sheet (Students Who Began Prior to August 2020) (pdf)

Communication Faculty

Dr. Jennifer Bender
Assistant Professor of Communication
Office: Kenney Hall 70-300
Office Phone: 334-727-8804
Email: jbender@tuskegee.edu

Dr. Esmaeil Esfandiary
Assistant Professor of Communication
Office: Kenney Hall 70-307
Office Phone: 334-727-8303
Email: eesfandiary@tuskegee.edu