Faculty and Staff

Department of Communication, Modern Languages, and Philosophy

Dr. Rhonda CollierDr. Rhonda Collier

Chair, Modern Languages, Communication and Philosophy/
Director, Tuskegee University Global Office (TUGO) 

Office: Kenney Hall 70-303
Office Phone: 334-727-8100
Email: rcollier@tuskegee.edu


Dr. Zanice Bond

Associate Professor of English
Office: Kenney Hall 70-310
Office Phone: 334-727-8104
Email: zbond@tuskegee.edu


Dr. Brett CoppengerDr. Brett Coppenger

Assistant Professor of Philosophy
Office: Kenney Hall 70-428
Office Phone: 334-725-5489
Email: bcoppenger@tuskegee.edu
Ph.D. University of Iowa
M.A. University of Iowa
M.A. Western Michigan University
B.A. Biola University

Research Areas: Epistemology, Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Religion, Modern Philosophy

Representative Publications and Presentations:

  • 2011    “Is Justified True Bluth Belief Knowledge?” (with Kristopher Philips) in Arrested Development & Philosophy, eds. Phillips, Kristopher and Jeremy Wisnewski, Blackwell.
  • 2017    “Close Possible (Dystopian) Worlds, Truth Tracking, and Knowledge” in The Man in the High Castle and Philosophy, eds. Heter, Joshua and Bruce Krajewski, Open Court.
  • 2016    Intellectual Assurance: Essays on Traditional Epistemic Internalism (with Michael Bergmann), Oxford University Press.
  • 2018    “Internalism, Memory, and Skepticism” in forthcoming, eds. Kevin McCain and Ted Poston.
  • 2018    “Self-Knowledge and Skepticism” in Westworld and Philosophy, eds. Heter, Joshua and Richard Greene, Open Court.

Personal website: http://www.brettcoppenger.com

Dr. Benjamin Fishkin

Associate Professor of English
Office: Kenney Hall 70-308
Office Phone: 334-727-8931
Email: bfishkin@tuskegee.edu
Ph.D. University of Alabama
M.A. Miami University
B.A. University of Michigan

Research areas: literature and anglophone studies

Representative Publications and Presentations: 

  • The Repressed Expressed: Novel Perspectives on African and Black Diasporic Literature Edited by Adaku T. Ankumah, Bill F. Ndi and Benjamin Hart Fishkin (January 17, 2017)
  • “The Inner Narrative in Francis B. Nyamnjoh’s Souls Forgotten” in Secrets, Silences and Betrayals Edited by  Bill F. Ndi (August 7, 2015)
  • Co-author with Adaku T. Ankumah and Bill F. Ndi “Character Nomenclature, the Bead-string in Thomas Jing’s Tale of An African Woman” in Nomenclatural Poetization and Globalization Edited by Adaku T. Ankumah (October 20, 2014)
  • “Names, Power Relationships and Influences in Francis B. Nyamnjoh’s Married But Available” in Nomenclatural Poetization and Globalization Edited by Adaku T. Ankumah (October 20, 2014)                                                                                              
  • A War of Ideas: American Thought in The Modern World by Benjamin Hart Fishkin (August 27, 2014)

Dr. Kendrick Frederic
(information forthcoming)


Dr. A. Caroline Gebhard

Professor of English
Office: Kenney Hall 70-309
Office Phone: 334-727-8283
Email: agebhard@tuskegee.edu
Ph.D. University of Virginia
M.A. University of Virginia
B.A., with distinction and honors in English, Northwestern University

Research areas:  American Literature, African American and Women’s Studies

Representative Publications & Presentations:

African American Literature in Transition: Volume 7: 1880-1900, co-edited with Barbara McCaskill (forthcoming, Cambridge University Press).

“Bess Bolden Walcott: A Legacy of Women’s Leadership at Tuskegee Institute,” Alabama Women:  Their Lives and Times, ed. Susan Youngblood Ashmore & Lisa Lundquist Dorr (University of Georgia Press, 2017), 222-238.

“Masculinity, Criminality, and Race: Alice Dunbar-Nelson’s Creole Boy Stories,” Legacy: A Journal of American Women Writers 33.2 (2016):336-360. Served as co-editor of this special issue of Legacy, “Recovering Alice Dunbar-Nelson for the 21st Century,” and co-wrote Introduction 213-53, “Reflections on the Archive,” 384-391, and introductions to republished two poems (“Writing Black Modernism,” 392-5) and two rediscovered short stories (“Recovered from the Archive,” 404-7) by Dunbar-Nelson]

“Constance Feminore Woolson’s Two Women:  1862.:  A Civil War Romance of Irreconcilable Difference,” Witness to Reconstruction:  Constance Fenimore Woolson and the Postbellum South, 1873-1894, ed. Kathleen Diffley (University of Mississippi Press, 2011), 90-106.

“Post-Bellum–Pre-Harlem”:  African American Literature and Culture, 1877-1919, anthology of original essays co-edited with Barbara McCaskill (New York University Press, 2006).  Includes co-written introduction 1-14, and my essay, “Inventing a 'Negro Literature':  Race, Dialect, and Gender in the Early Work of Paul Laurence Dunbar, James Weldon Johnson, and Alice Dunbar-Nelson,” 162-178.

Dr. Gregory S. Gray

Professor of Philosophy
Dean, Tuskegee University Chapel
Office: Chapel
Office Phone: 334-727-8322
Email: ggray@tuskegee.edu


Dr. Mark Henderson

Assistant Professor of English
Office: Kenney Hall 70-329
Office Phone: 334-727-2337
Email: mhenderson@tuskegee.edu

Ph.D.  English (19th- and 20th-century American literature, psychoanalytic theory), Auburn University
M.A.  (English, Creative Writing), University of Louisiana at Monroe
B.A. (English), University of Louisiana at Monroe

Research areas:  American modernism, the American Gothic, American film

Representative Publications & Presentations:

  • 2018, Fall. “Losing Your Faith for Seeing Too Much:  The Anti-Bible as Indictment of American Heroism in Gregory Widen’s The Prophecy.”  Chapter in Terrifying Texts.  McFarland & Company Press.
  • 2017, Spring. “God’s Bloody Hand:  The Horrible Ambiguity of Religious Murder in Paxton’s Frailty.”  Chapter in Divine Horror.  McFarland & Company Press.
  • 2016, Fall. “Denial and Dominance in the Semantics of Buffalo Bill in The Silence of the Lambs.”  Chapter in Critical Essays for the 25th Anniversary of The Silence of the Lambs. Salem/Greyhouse Press.
  • 2016, Fall. “Coprophagia as Class and Consumerism in the Human Centipede Films.” Chapter in What’s Eating You?:  Food and Horror on Screen. Bloomsbury Publishing.
  • 2016, Summer. "Dutchman on the Brink:  The Ghost Ship as Dark (American) Nature Edgar Allan Poe's 'MS. Found in a Bottle.'"  Chapter in Dark Nature in American Literature.  Lexington Books.

Dr. Kristen Miller Hill

Assistant Professor of English
Director, Tuskegee University Writing Center
Office: Kenney Hall 70-305
Office Phone: 334-727-8776
Email: khill@tuskegee.edu

Ph.D. English (Rhetoric and Composition), Auburn University
M.A. English (Literature), Auburn University
B.A. English, LaGrange College

Research areas: rhetorical theory, composition pedagogy, film, popular culture, the horror genre, video games and literacy

Representative Publications & Presentations:

  • “Steven Spielberg” in 100 Entertainers Who Changed America, edited by Robert Sickels. ABC-CLIO, 2013. (Book Chapter)
  • “Gaming as a Woman: Gender Difference Issues in Video Games and Learning” in Immersive Environments, Augmented Realities and Virtual Worlds: Assessing Future Trends in Education, edited by Steven D’Augustino.  IGI Global, 2013. (Book Chapter)
  • “Girl Gamers Rock!: The Role of the Female in Rock Band’s World of Virtual Musicians” in Videogame Cultures and the Future of Interactive Entertainment, Edited by Daniel Riha.  Inter-Disciplinary Press, 2010.  (Book Chapter)
  • “Masks and Machine Ethos: Traces of Techno-Horror in the Slasher Film” in The Monstrous Identity of Humanity, Edited by Marlin C. Bates, IV.  Inter-Disciplinary Press, 2007.  (Book Chapter)
  • “From Fears of Entropy to Comfort in Chaos: Arcadia, The Waste Land, Numb3rs and Man’s Relationship with Science” in Bulletin of Science, Technology & Society 27.1 (2007) (Journal Article)

Personal Website: http://www.kristenhill.net

Dr. Carolina Marquez-Serrano

Associate Professor of Spanish
Office: Kenney Hall 70-304
Office Phone: 334-727-8046
Email: cmarquezserrano@tuskegee.edu

Dr. William Ndi

Associate Professor of English
Office: Kenney Hall 70-306
Office Phone: 334-727-8694
Email: wndi@tuskegee.edu

Dual Doctorate in Languages: Translation & Languages, Literatures and Contemporary Civilizations, Paris, Université de Cergy-Pontoise

Research Areas: History of Ideas and Mentalities, Film Studies, Professional, Technical and Creative Writing, World Literatures, Languages, Applied Linguistics, Literary History, Media and Communication Studies, Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution, History of Internationalism, Translation & Translatology, History and Contemporary Cultural Studies.

Representative Publications & Presentations:

  • The Repressed Expressed 
  • Secrets, Silences, and Betrayals 
  • La Logorrhée du poète ou l’Histoire des Camerouns en 33 gouttelettes, (French Poetry); 
  • Peace Mongers at War (Poetry)  
  • Barbed Forest (Poetry)

Personal Website: https://www.amazon.com/Bill-F.-Ndi/e/B00CCKC1MQ/ref=sr_tc_2_0?qid=1534977872&sr=1-2-ent

Dr. Samuel Taylor

Assistant Professor of Philosophy
Office: Kenney Hall 70-314
Office Phone:
Email: staylor@tuskegee.edu


Dr. Yolanda West

(information forthcoming)