Student Learning Outcomes

Student Learning Outcomes for the English Major

  • Knowledge and comprehension of conventions of standard English and ability to identify and utilize a variety of rhetorical strategies
  • Proficiency in planning, drafting, revising, and editing formal essays
  • Ability to analyze, interpret, and evaluate complex literary texts
  • Knowledge and comprehension of a basic corpus of works of significant literary merit
  • Ability to analyze, evaluate, synthesize, and document library and Internet sources in conducting research

Student Learning Outcomes for the Communication Major

  • Knowledge and understanding of the nature and function of communication and the forms of communication
  • Ability to analyze and interpret information from a variety of media
  • Ability to create written, oral, visual, and multimedia communication for diverse purposes and audiences
  • Ability to communicate effectively with individuals, groups, and organizations, informed by an understanding of communication theory and communication ethics
  • Ability to conduct research in communication and to present results using a variety of research methodologies and presentation formats
  • Ability to apply communication knowledge and skills in a practical setting