Philosophy Program

Philosophy Program Description

The Philosophy Program offers a rich curriculum with an emphasis on the history of ideas and the practical application of those ideas to contemporary issues.  Course offerings cover all the major branches and periods of philosophical study. Students who have the opportunity to study philosophy will hone their critical thinking, analytical, and argumentative skills. By studying philosophy, students will become better thinkers both inside and outside the classroom.

Philosophy Minor

Students who wish to earn the Philosophy Minor must complete 18 semester hours of philosophy courses with a “C” grade or higher. Students are required to complete both PHIL 0201 (Introduction to Philosophy) and 0202 (Introduction to Logic). In addition, students must meet the “Depth Requirement” of 9 credit hours in Upper Division Courses (300-level courses).

For more information contact one of the Philosophy Minor Advisors:

  • Dr. Brett Coppenger
  • Dr. Samuel Taylor

The Practical Value of Philosophy

The skills developed in philosophy courses apply well beyond the classroom. Philosophy is focused not on teaching students what to think but rather how to think.  Philosophy courses will thereby help you develop your logical reasoning, critical thinking skills, reading comprehension, and your ability to clearly articulate and defend your own views. These analytical skills are crucial to success no matter your chosen career. This focus on logical and analytical thinking likely explains why philosophy students are consistently among the top performers on standarized graduate entrance exams such as the GRE and LSAT.


Full Time Faculty

Dr. Brett Coppenger
Associate Professor of Philosophy
Office Location: 70-428 John A. Kenney Hall
Office Phone: 334-725-5489

Dr. Samuel Taylor
Assistant Professor of Philosophy
Office Location: 70-309 John A. Kenney Hall
Office Phone: 334-727-8283

Adjunct and Affiliated Faculty

Dr. Gregory Gray
Dean of the Chapel and Professor of Religion and Society
Office Location: Chapel
Office Phone: 334-727-8702

Dr. Stephen Sodeke
Professor of Allied Health
Office Location: 44-116 John A. Kenney Hall
Office Phone: 334-727-8210