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Department of History & Political Science

John A. Kenney Hall, Room 70-104 


The Department of History and Political Science is committed to training students to become competent citizens at home and abroad.  The department is home to faculty members whose pedigree - national and international - uniquely positions them to train the next generation of leaders with a keen understanding of the core ideas, historical and political processes, which have shaped and continue to shape societies.

Degrees Offered

  • Bachelor of Arts, History
  • Bachelor of Arts, Political Science
  • Ph.D.,  Intergrative Public Policy and Development

Minors Offered

Active Student Organizations

  • Frank Toland Historical Society (History Club)
  • Pi Sigma Alpha (Political Science Honors Society)
  • Phi Alpha Theta (History Honor Society)
  • Forensics Club (Debate Team)
  • Thurgood Marshall Pre-Law Club (Pre-Law Interest Club)

Future / Pending Student Organizations

  • Model United Nations Club (International Affairs Focus)
  • Political Science Student Association (Profession-Related Focus on Political Science)

Student Learning Outcomes

The History and Political Science programs provide students with core and elective courses targeting the career path in history, political science or related fields. A degree in history or political science fulfills graduation requirements and uniquely positions the graduating Tuskegee student for graduate level study in the fields of law, education, or museum studies. Tuskegee University History or Political Science Program graduates are distinguished by their superior writing, research, and critical thinking skills.

  • Students will acquire and apply core knowledge, skills, and competencies, in History and Political Science.
  • Students will be able to conduct and present history and political science research projects based on various methodologies and perspectives.
  • Students will engage in interdisciplinary activities for the benefit of learning, collaborating and networking with one another.
  • Students will be assisted and be able to identify opportunities for educational enrichment beyond their academic work in the classroom.
  • Students will be motivated and encouraged to pursue graduate/professional programs of study.Students will appreciate and embrace an active and sustained life of intellectual and social activity.


Dr. Thierno Thiam, Chair
Department of History and Political Science
JAKH (BIOE) 70-103

Dr. Lisa Bratton
Assistant Professor of History
JAKH (BIOE)  70-100

Dr. Shenita Brazelton, JD
Assistant Professor of Political Science
JAKH (BIOE) 70-107

Dr. Sheena Harris
Assistant Professor of History
JAKH (BIOE) 70-400

Dr. Worth Hayes
Assistant Professor of History

Dr. Joe B. Jimmeh
Assistant Professor of Political Science
JAKH (BIOE) 70-415

Dr. Tammy Laughlin
Assistant Professor of Political Science
JAKH (BIOE) 70-114

Dr. James McSwain
Professor Emeritus

Dr. Clyde Robertson
Associate Professor of History

Dr. Noel A.D. Thompson
Assistant Professor of Political Science
JAKH (BIOE) 70-109

Dr. John Tilghman
Assistant Professor of History
JAKH (BIOE) 70-405

Dr. Godfrey Vincent
Associate Professor of History
JAKH (BIOE) 70-106


Mr. Dana Chandler
Adjunct Professor of History

Dr. Kellei Samuels
Adjunct Professor of Political Science


Mrs. Dawn Calhoun
Administrative Assistant

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Student Clubs & Organizations

Curriculum Planning

Contact Information

Dr. Thierno Thiam, Chair
Department of History and Political Science
Tuskegee University College of Arts and Sciences
70-103 John A. Kenney Hall
Tuskegee, AL 36088
Telephone: 334-724-4974
Fax: 334-724-4196