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Godfrey Vincent is Associate Professor of History at Tuskegee University, Department of History and Political Science.   Dr. Vincent received his doctorate in 2011 from Morgan State University, Baltimore, Maryland. He also holds an MA in Political Science/Historical Studies from New School University, New York and a BA in Government and Politics from St. John’s University, Queens, NY. He is active in several organizations including Labor and Working Class History Association, the Georgia Association of Historians, the Association for the Study of African-American Life and History (ASALH) and the South East Regional Seminar in African Studies (SERSAS) and the South East Africanist Network (SEAN), and The Left Forum. He is a member of the Editorial Board of The Journal of Labor and Society and a member of Palgrave Encyclopedia Editorial Advisory Board. Dr. Vincent has published in The Journal of Labor and Society, International Encyclopedia of Revolution and Protest, International Labor and Working- Class History, and The Palgrave Encyclopedia of Imperialism and Anti-Imperialism.  He is currently working on his soon to be published book, Rebels at the Gates: The Oilfields WorkersTrade Union (OWTU) in the Era of George Weekes, 1962-1987. His research interests include:

  • Labor history with a focus on new forms of labor organizations and working class struggles;

  • African Diaspora History;

  • Caribbean History

  • 20th Century American History;

  • Development Studies that focuses on International development, Issues in International development, andthe History of Development in the Global South;

  • International Political Economy